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Amateur Black Dick Nikita Denise Mandingo Tom Hamilton stood admiring himself in the bedroom dressing mirror. He had on his wife's black stocking , garter , high heels , panties , bra, teddy , and blonde wig. He looked good and the feel of the garments made him excited. His wife had gone to the west coast for a week to visit her sister , and he'd taken the week off to be alone around the house , and enjoy the time away from his demanding wife. Tom had started dressing in his mother's clothes in junior high school and developed quite a fetish. He had continued all the way up to college. He'd gotten very little chance in college to dress up.. The only opportunities had come on vacations. He'd met Valerie in his junior year. She was a stunning blonde and had taken over and directed his life from that point on. They had been married right after college, with Valerie liking the social standing that had come with a rich husband. The next year, Tom's folks had passed away, leaving them set for life as Tom was an only child with no other relatives . He worked to have something to do. Tom was only 5' 7", an a hundred thirty pounds. Almost the same size as his wife. He'd never been athletic. And he had very little body hair. His soft body looked more like a women's than a man's. His wife dominated his life. She constantly berated him for having no ambition, and when they had sex it was on her terms. He looked at his thin long cock getting hard in the panties. He'd really missed not being able to dress up, and he was going to take full advantage of his wife being away. He heard band music coming from out side and walked to the side of the upstairs bedroom window. He stood a few feet back and looked over the fence to where the beautiful next door neighbor girl was doing what looked like cheer leading routines. It was summer and she only had on a tube top and tight spandex exercise shorts. She was a sexy thing. They had moved in next door 9 months ago. The wife was a beautiful black woman with a regal stature about her, and a full figure with large beautiful breasts. The husband was a small white man with glasses. The daughter was a stunner, with caramel color skin, long legs, a pert little butt, a sensuous face with pouty lips, and perky full breasts He saw them a lot in the morning getting into their car, as he went to work. He said Hi politely and they always replied. The girl often gave him a beautiful smile. His wife didn't want to get to know them, so their contact had been limited to those morning greetings. He started to feel his cock through the panties, rubbing up and down , getting himself hard as he watched her bounce around. God she was sexy. She moved gracefully. Her movements made her breasts stick out in her tube top, and when she bent over her firm, pert, round ass was outlined in her exercise shorts. The music ended and she went over , popped out the cassette and went inside. He sighed and returned to look in the mirror where he continued to stroke himself through his wife's panties. He could feel his balls start to swell. Suddenly he heard rock music coming faintly from next door. He walked back to the window and looked out . There she was in a string bikini, and high heeled sandals. The sight took his breath away. She lifted her leg, put it on the arm of the chair, and started to rub baby oil into her body. First one leg then the other. Tom was rock hard .He moved his wife's panties down and started to stroke his cock. She rubbed oil into her ass cheeks, and around to her tummy, pushing her hand inside her bikini bottoms as she continued. Tom was stroking hard now The sight had him totally turned on. She put on her dark glasses, grabbed her beach towel, and went into the yard and sat down. She reached up and undid her top and slipped it off. She then squirted oil out of the bottle on to her bare breasts, rubbed it in with her hands, then she laid down. Tom couldn't believe he was getting to see this beautiful young girl naked. His cum shot out of his cock and onto the window he came so hard, and it kept comming. He shook and groaned until the last bit hung on the tip of his cock. He'd never cum like that in his life. He continued to look down at the beautiful young girl, feeling flush all over his body. God , I've got to go for a swim and cool down he thought. He got out of his wife's clothes and laid them on the bed, cleaned up the cum, then got his swim trunks and headed for the back yard after slipping them on. He dove into the pool and the cool water felt good on his body. He could feel himself calming down. Boy that was intense, he thought to himself as he toweled off, walked to the pool bar refrigerator and got a cold beer. He sat down in the lounge chair next to the bar and leaned back and closed his eyes. CHAPTER TWO Hi neighbor a voice said , startling him out of his trance. He opened his eyes and looked toward the fence. There she was with her hands and face peeking over the top of the fence. I heard water splash. It's so hot. Could I come jump in your pool. S-s-s-ure he stammered. Oh goody she giggled and was gone. He could hear her heels click on the cement as she came down her walkway and up to the back yard gate. She walked in. She strode toward him with long sexy strides. She put her towel and baby oil on the bar stool right next to his chair . I'm Tanya she said. I'm Tom he stammered. God its hot, she said as she kicked off her heels walked over to the pool and dove in. She came up at the other end and grabbed the side. Boy does that feel good, she exclaimed. Her voice was high like a young girl's , but had a sensual quality to it. Aren't you coming in, she asked? No he said with a dry voice, I just got out. He thought he'd get a hard on if he went in with this lovely creature. She made her lips into a pout at him, then continued to swim and float around on her back. She got out in a few minutes, and walked over and got her towel . He tried hard not to stare at her. Her wet suit clinging to her body made him tingle all over. She slipped back into her heels and said, have you got another one of those? pointing to his beer. She'd already started around the bar to the refrigerator. Yes he answered, but are you old enough to be drinking he asked meekly? I'm 17 she exclaimed, and I drink beer at home she said. She walked around and sat in the bar stool right next to him, She put one foot on the rung in the stool, and crossed her other leg over the other as she took a drink of the beer, and stared down at him. Her foot was right by the side of his face . He continued to look forward, feeling himself get nervous. Where's your wife she asked? She's in L.A. for a week. How come you're home she asked, dangling her foot next to him? I took the week off he replied. Good she said . I wanted to get to know you, and I really worked up a sweat practicing my cheer leading routine. Would you like to watch next time she giggled. Sure he said with a dry voice. Do you think I'm pretty? You're beautiful he stammered out as he turned and looked at her. He quickly turned his head back as he felt himself flush. You can look at me she said boldly. I like it. Come on , I want you to. He slowly turned his head and found her appraising him. He drank in her body as she took another sip off the beer. You like how I look, don't you. Yes he replied meekly. Would you like to kiss my foot she said moving it up in front of his face. Go ahead she said , kiss it. He moved his head forward slightly and kissed her foot. You can keep kissing it she said as she turned it slightly. He continued to kiss as she slowly moved her foot for different angles. Do you mind if I go topless she said as she reached behind her neck and undid the top of the string bikini. I guess not he stammered as she continued to move her foot in front of his face. He couldn't believe what was happening. She set the top on the bar and grabbed the baby oil. She started to rub oil into her breasts. I like an overall tan she said. I get dark you know. Most people don't know that. She continued to position her foot in front of him as he kissed and stared up at her. Do you think I'm beautiful she cooed at him as she cupped her breasts. Yes , he stammered between kisses. He was getting hard. Did you cum when you were watching me she giggled. W- W-What he stammered in surprise. I saw you earlier she cooed as she felt her breasts. That's why I went and changed. I was watching you through my dark glasses. Did you cum. I missed it if you did. Yes he whispered meekly. Oh don't be ashamed, I liked it. Now why don't you take off those shorts before you burst and cum for me again. What?, he said in shock! You heard me she snapped. I want to see you cum. I don't know if that's a good idea, he stammered again. I said take them off she commanded, or I tell all the neighbors about your beating off in women's clothes while you watch me secretly. Now he was both terrified and excited. She'd seen him The idea of being caught had never entered his mind. He did as he was told. Good she cooed . Now beat off while you kiss my feet. She dangled first one than the other foot in his face as he beat off. As he got more excited he kissed her feet lustfully. That's a good baby, she cooed as she pinched her pert nipples. He was lost in lust. Here was this beautiful young girl almost naked in front of him, watching him beat off to her. He lavished kisses on her every part of her feet. Stand up she commanded. I want you to cum on my foot. He stood and looked at her with lust crazed eyes. She was needing her breasts and egging him on, holding her foot underneath his cock. That's it baby, harder, cum for baby she said as she arched her foot flat right underneath the head of his cock. He was hand was going so fast he thought he might tear his cock out by the root. Grab my ankle baby and cum on my foot, she hissed as one of her hands dipped into her cunt. O-O-Oh God he moaned as he exploded all over her foot. Time after time cum spurt out his cock and on to her foot and ankle. That's it she kept saying in a husky voice. That's it . Shoot it for baby. He felt like he'd collapse as he shook in ecstasy. Now get on your knees and lick it off she cooed. W-W-What he stammered. I want you to lick it off while I make myself cum, she said as she undid the ties on her bikini bottom letting it drop, revealing her pussy. You want to help me cum, Don't you, she cooed to him? Yes, he said in a husky voice. Then lick your cum off my foot she whispered in a throaty voice as she started to play with her pussy. He dropped down and started licking her foot. His cum had a salty taste. The perverted act was starting to excite him again, and he looked up at her playing with her pussy. That's it , lick it all up she whispered. Help make baby cum. She was starting to squirm in the stool. Oh yea, take my shoe off and clean my foot she moaned He did as she asked. He swirled his tongue between her toes and sucked on them. Then he licked every part of her foot and ankle in pure lust. Oh God Yea she squealed. I'm gonna Cum she hissed between her teeth. Lick the cum Nikita Denise Mandingo occupied booths. I got her bent over with her skirt pulled up, pumping away on her velvet snatch, when she stands up, my cock flopping out of her and says "what's that?" as she pointed to a hole in the wall. I told her the was a gloryhole, guys get their dicks sucked through them, most of the time by other guys. We finished fucking and that was that...until that night, she told me the thought of sucking a strangers cock without either of you knowing who was on the other side really turned her on and that she wanted to try it real bad. So we go back down to the bookstore right then and hit up the booths and wait for her big chance to do it. It Black Cock Slutload Cuckold Domination back. He unlocked the sliding door and sat on the coach, trying to strike a sexy pose. Susan opened the door and parted the curtains. She stood there smiling at him. You look great she purred. I thought about you all day. Susan looked stunning. She had on a spaghetti strap red dress that clung to her magnificent body. He couldn't believe this beautiful teenage girl was here to be with him. You look wonderful he stammered. I know she said. She walked over to the bag Tanya had left and brought out the collar and chain, riding crop, and the cock restraint. Come here pet, she cooed. He got up and went to her. She strapped on the collar and attached the chain. She kissed him deeply, then attached the leather restraint around his cock and balls and synched it tight. She stepped back and let her dress fall. She didn't have a bra or panties on. God, this is going to be so good she purred as she stroked his face and kissed him again. Get down on your knees and eat my pussy she commanded. He did as he was told. My boy friend just left a huge load in my pussy before I came over here, and I saved it for you she purred down at him. Lick it out, she hissed. He started eating her, and he could feel and taste the cum running out of her. She started whipping his ass checks as he ate her. You like cum, don't you slut. Yes he mumbled into her open pussy. You'd love to have a big cock to suck dry, wouldn't you. The idea excited him and he moaned. Oh, baby likes that idea. I'm sure it won't be long before you have a steady diet of cock to suck. She was getting him excited and he ate her feverently. She started to shake. Oh yea you little cock sucking whore, eat my pussy. More cum gushed into his mouth. Oh baby she squealed in a high pitched voice. She was panting and she started to whip his ass hard. Dirty old faggot she-male whore, that's what you are she hissed. You love being used by me, don't you? Yes mistress he moaned. Get over against the coach like you were today she commanded. He crawled over on his hands and knees and put his back against the coach with his legs in the air and his head on the floor. She strutted over and got a pair of surgical gloves out of the bag. Do you want this beautiful young girl to fuck your ass? Yes mistress he whimpered. She got on the coach and giggled when she saw the butt plug. You really are being prepared she laughed. She roughly pulled the plug out, and started spanking his ass with her hand. Beg for me to fist fuck you slut. Please fuck me mistress he meekly replied. You call that begging she hissed as she spanked him harder. Her breasts giggled and the sight excited him. Beg she screamed. Please fuck me mistress, I need it, I want it, I love you he cried out. She laughed. That's it slut. She started working her fingers into his ass. God this is so cool she cooed. You love having your ass fucked like a woman don't you. Yes mistress he moaned. She worked four fingers in and started fucking his ass hard. Just think of a big black 12" cock spreading you ass pussy and making a real woman out of you. You'd like that wouldn't you. Oh God Yes Mistress he cried out. Shooting a big hot load of cum deep inside you. Beat off she commanded. I want you to cum in your mouth again, and you'd better get it all in your mouth she purred as she worked her whole hand into his ass. Her hand popped in past her wrist and he cried out. Relax your muscles she hissed. I want to fuck you good. She started shoving her hand deeper. She started to really fist his ass. Oh yea she hissed, take it. Fuck my hand whore. He moaned as she fucked him hard. Cum she hissed. Cum for your mistress. He was in another world. Her hand rubbed his prostrate and he shot a bucket of cum in his mouth. He eagerly ate it all. Good doggie she giggled. He subsided and she jerked her hand out with a pop. We're gonna keep doing this till you can take my hand up to my elbow she laughed. Your ass pussy will be able to take two big dicks at once. She jumped off the coach and squatted over his face. Now we'll wash all that cum down she cooed as she started to piss in his mouth. He drank it all. Clean my pussy she purred. He did so eagerly. She moved forward. Now lick my ass clean. Oh that feels so good she moaned as he drove his tongue deep in her ass. Clean me out she moaned as he ate her. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him. He quickly got hard as a rock. She jumped up. Oh this is driving me wild she moaned. She helped him up. You make me so horny she cooed, come on. She led him up the stairs to the bedroom. Clean your face and brush you teeth she purred, then come back in here. He did as he was told. When he went back into the bedroom, she was sitting in front of the dressing table mirror primping herself. He stared at her . Do you think I'm beautiful she cooed as she applied rouge to her nipples. You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen he whispered. She smiled at him. Come she said as she sat him down in front of the mirror. She reapplied his make up over the next 20 minutes until he looked stunning in the mirror. The closeness of her through the whole process turned him on, and his cock was hard. She stroked it every now and then. When she was done she admired her handy work in the mirror. You look beautiful she purred. You should be a woman. She leaned down and kissed him, and she stroked his cock. God you turn me on she cooed. Come make love to me she purred a she led him to the bed. She lay back and spread her legs. Fuck me good baby. He came up and gently entered her pussy. She was wet already. She bucked up into him and he started fucking her hard. He marveled at how beautiful this girl was. She stared into his eyes. What darling she cooed as he fucked her in long deep strokes. You're beautiful he groaned. Um-m-m she moaned as she closed her eyes and matched her rhythm to his. So are you baby she cooed. Feels so-o-o- go-o-od she moaned as she started to shake. He knew she was cumming and it turned him on. He started fucking her harder, and she responded. They came together and collapsed into each others arms. After a few minutes she looked into his eyes, do you want to clean me babe. Yes he said as he went down between her legs and gently lapped all the cum out of her pussy and licked and cleaned her inner thighs and pussy lips. She lay quietly, moaning softly as he administered to her. When he was done she pulled him up and they cuddled up together. She sighed and fell asleep in his arms. He woke early to the warm feel of a mouth around his cock. She looked up at him. Morning baby. He got hard instantly watching this beautiful girl suck his cock. Um she moaned as he got rock hard. He looked at the clock. It was 5:00 in the morning. I'm going to cum he moaned. She redoubled her efforts and he shot off in her mouth. Cum dribbled around her mouth as she took it all. She rose up and kissed him letting his cum flow into his mouth. His tongue licked it all from her mouth in a deep French kiss. Um she cooed as she got up on her knees. I have to go before my folks wake up she said, but I have a final gift for you she purred. She led him to the bathroom. Do you want my early morning nectar. Yes he sighed. Put you head over the toilet she purred. When he had his head back over the toilet she stepped forward and put her pussy over his mouth. Drink me baby she moaned as she let go with a stiff stream into his mouth. He opened his throat and swallowed as fast as he could. She held his head with her hands as she continued the stiff steam into his gullet. Finally when she was done he licked her clean. She started to get excited and she moved off him. God I could stay all day she moaned but I've got to go. She moved out of the room and headed downstairs. She put her dress on and grabbed her bag. I hate to leave she said, I had a great time. So did I he replied, admiring her fabulous young body. She came over and gave him a deep French kiss. I'll see you later lover, and she was out the door. He cleaned everything up and went back to bed. He felt wonderful. CHAPTER SEVEN He had wonderful sexy dreams about being a woman. He was woken at ten o'clock by the phone. It was Tanya. Hi lover she said, I'll be over in 30 minutes to start getting you ready. What do you mean he asked still half asleep. I'll explain when I get there, take hot shower and get a hot sexy outfit out. Today you become a real woman she cooed and hung up. Tom was confused and excited. He went to the shower. He was scrubbed clean when Tanya arrived. How's my slave girl today Tanya said as she kissed him. Fine mistress he stammered. Don't be nervous she giggled. Today you're going to have a real man. What he whispered. Today you're going to have a real woman experience she giggled, and don't ask any more questions unless you want me to leave. He shut up, although his apprehension started to grow. Maybe this was going to far. Do you have an enema bag she asked as she walked toward the bathroom. I think so he replied. He told her where to look , and her shortly he heard the water running. Then she said, come here slave coyly. He went in. She had a full bag attached to the shower rod and the nozzle in her hand. Get down on all fours she commanded. When he was down she pushed his head to the ground so his ass was up in the air. She suddenly started spanking his ass hard with her open hand. Shame on you for questioning me she hissed. Sorry mistress he cried. I hope so she hissed again. All this is for your benefit. She inserted the nozzle and popped the stopper and the water started to flow into his bowels. We'll do this till the water comes out clean she said. Yes mistress he whimpered as the pressure built in his ass. She moved in front of him and put her feet under his nose. You know what to do she cooed. He started kissing and licking her feet and toes. That's it baby. This process went on for three times till the water came out all at once and clean. Good she said, now we can start. As he sat on the toilet after the last enema she stood in front of him with one foot up on his shoulder and moved her pussy to his mouth. Make momma feel good while we wait she cooed. He was starting to get turned on by the enemas, and he ate her with enthusiasm. When they were sure he was clean, she made wash off it the shower. Soap up your fingers and stick them in your ass she commanded. He did as he was told. Fingering his ass got him excited. After toweling dry she led him to the make up table. She took an hour an a half applying his make -up and brushing out his wig. and when she was done he didn't recognize himself in the mirror. I want you to start talking in a higher more feminine voice from now on she said. Yes mistress he said in a high voice that surprised even him. Very good she cooed. She then slowly rubbed some oil she had brought into his whole body, then went to the bed and watched him dress, making Best Cuckold

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Interracial Porn Video Interacial Cuckold instead of a dude, can't blame them there! One night she sucked off 23 guys in a row, all kinds of dicks were in her mouth that night. Big ones, small ones, even a few back ones, she really seemed to like those the most. I've even took my friends down there and had her suck their dicks without her or them knowing what was going on. One day I asked her what was it that she loved so much about it. She told me the thought of sucking a strangers dick is exciting enough, but a stranger who you don't even see or can't see you is what really makes it so fun. She said it could be her own brother on the other side of the wall and he or she would never even know. Black Interracial Gangbang Mandingo Length better she cooed in her sweet young, high pitched voice. She led him up the stairs, tossing off the shirt as she went up the stairs. I couldn't sleep, she cooed. I need some sex. She went to the bed and got on it doggie position. Eat my ass hole slave, she commanded. Yes Mistress he replied and came up behind her. She spread her cheeks wide. Get that tongue in there deep she hissed. He started driving his tongue into her hole. Deeper she hissed. Taste my shit from this evening. Lick me clean. He felt depraved and he loved it . He loved what this girl made him do. She farted in his face. Oh yea, she giggled, I fart a lot when my ass gets eaten. That doesn't bother you slut does it she hissed. No Mistress he mumbled as he continued to eat her. Good doggie she purred. Lick your mistresses ass. She kicked back at him. Get up she commanded. He stood. She came to the edge and took his cock in her hand, pumping it. I need a cock she said. She laid back. Fuck me Tom. Cum in my pussy. Yes Mistress he replied and put his rock hard cock in her. Make me cum slut she hissed. He started fucking her. I can't feel anything She hissed. You'd better do better than that. He started fucking her as hard as he could. 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It went all over his face and in his mouth. He drank her. That's it toilet slut, drink my piss she hissed at him. When she was done she grabbed some tissue and wiped herself, She walked out, telling him to stay there. He heard her walk down the stairs, and the door shut. He stayed in that position for a long time. Finally he got up and cleaned himself. The phone rang. He picked it up. Keep that plug in. I'll see you tomorrow, she purred and hung up. CHAPTER FIVE He was looking at his shaved body in the mirror when the phone rang. Hi she said. Did you dream about me. Yes he mumbled. I'll be over in about an hour, wait for me by the pool, and Tom, you'd better be warring that butt plug. She hung up. He knew he should just lock her out and stop this game, but he couldn't. Deep inside he wanted her to continue. He wanted to be this girl's slave and dress for her. He laid out a sexy outfit to put on latter, put on his trunks and went down to the pool. As he sat there thoughts about yesterday flooded his brain. She'd totally captivated him. He knew he wanted to dress for her again, and he wanted her to fuck him. He'd loved that. He'd really felt like a woman, and it turned him on. He waited for what seemed like forever. Suddenly he heard heels and giggling. The gate opened and in walked Tanya with another girl. He panicked. Tanya walked over to him and smiled a wicked smile. Tom meet my friend Susan. Susan was a tall beautiful young blonde girl with huge breasts that were barely contained by her skimpy bikini. Hi she said. H-h-h-I he stammered. Tanya laughed. I think your breasts made him choke, Susan. Susan laughed. Show them to him, Tanya said as she smirked at Tom. Susan undid her top and her breasts sprang out. Tanya reached over and cupped them. 46 DD's she said as she caressed them. Susan moaned. Were going for a short swim, Tanya stated. Wait here for us. Tanya striped and led Susan to the pool. They went in giggling, holding hands. They bounced around for a minute then Susan moved close to Tanya and they melted into a deep kiss. Tanya slowly kissed down Susan's neck to her breasts, as Susan threw her head back and moaned. OH GOD YES Tanya she hissed. Suck my tits. Tanya's mouth feel on the enormous tit flesh and sucked with abandon. Tom was getting a hard on. Susan rolled her head and stared at him with an evil smile. Take your cock out she said. Tanya came up and looked at him. You heard her, take your cock out. Tom slid his trunks off as he stared at the two beautiful creatures in his pool. Oh, he's hard already Susan giggled. He loves it Tanya hissed as she pulled Susan to the edge of the pool. Tanya jumped up and sat on the edge with her legs spread. Susan loves my pussy she said to Tom, don't you baby. Yes Susan giggled. She moved forward and dropped her head between Tanya's legs. Oh yea Tanya moaned as she leaned back and braced herself with her arms. Susan licked her with abandon, then came up and shoved a nipple into Tanya's clit and rubbed up and down. And Tanya loves my big tits Susan hissed as she rubbed harder. Tanya started to shake, and Susan dropped down and started to suck her pussy with renewed energy. I'm cum-m-m-ming Tanya wailed as she shook and thrust her body into Susan's mouth. Tom's cock was rock hard and he started to stroke it. The scene was unbelievable. Tanya's eyes flashed at him. What are you doing, she hissed. I didn't say you could touch yourself you faggot. Tom froze. She stared at him as lust swept her body and she came again and again. Finally Susan slowly worked her way up her body until they met in a kiss. I think it's time for some fun Tanya giggled. Are you ready baby. I sure am Susan giggled. They got out of the pool and walked toward the house. Come slave Tanya said over her shoulder as she picked up the blue bag and walked into the house, hand in hand with Susan. Tanya led Susan up the stairs, and Tom followed in a trance. Get that slutty red outfit you had on last night, Tanya cooed. Tom did as he was told. He stood there. Well, Tanya snapped, put it on. Yes mistress, Tom whispered. What did you say Tanya commanded. Yes Mistress, Tom said in a loud voice. Susan giggled. Feel his body Tanya cooed to Susan, its just like a woman's. Susan came over and got on the bed on her knees and got close to Tom and started rubbing her hands over his chest and legs. Her huge breasts rubbed against him. This is so great Susan gushed. Suck my tits she commanded Tom. Tom eagerly sucked in her beautiful nipple. Yea, Susan moaned. Tom licked and sucked her breasts as he finishes hooking his nylons to his garter. Susan stroked him. He's rock hard Susan giggled. He loves it Tanya laughed. Come here slave Tanya snapped, time for your make up. She and Susan made up his face. Susan giggled all the way, with she and Tanya taking breaks to kiss. When they were done Tom saw a whore's face in the mirror. Tanya handed him his wig. Once on and brushed out she made him stand up and turn for them. Susan laughed. God he looks like a woman. A woman whore. Just think what female hormones and breast implants would do form him Tanya cooed as she leaned forward and kissed Susan deeply. Susan swooned. Come on Tanya cooed its time to have some fun as she led them downstairs. Oh I have to pee Susan said. Where's the bathroom. Right here Tanya said as she led Tom to the middle of the room, put him on his knees and made him lean way back. Tanya took Susan and placed her with spread legs over Tom's Face. He'll drink it for you she said, just control your flow so you can get it all in his mouth. Susan spread her lips as Tom opened his mouth. God this is so cool she squealed as pee shot into his mouth. Tom felt the warm liquid run down his throat as he swallowed as fast as he could. The beautiful young girl was using him and it turned him on. He saw a flash, and knew Tanya was taking pictures. When she finished Tom licked her clean. She started bucking on his face. Oh Yea, make me cum she hissed as she started to shake. Tom tasted her rich cum mixed with her piss and shot a load of cum straight up in the air without being touched. Oh Susan yelled in delight as Tanya snapped more pictures. It really turns him on she giggled. Yea I know laughed Tanya. Now it's my turn Tanya hissed. As Susan continued to rub her cunt on his face, Tanya went to the bag and brought out a leather cock ring. She wrapped it around his cock and balls then pulled it tight before fastening it. Turn over slave she hissed. Susan moved and Tom got in the doggie position. She hooked clothes pins to his balls as Susan watched with wide eyes. Go girl Susan hissed. Once done Tanya took out the whip and started whipping Tom's ass and back. You're just a nasty slut whore she screamed. We're gonna give you what you deserve and want. You want to be my slut, Don't you, Tammy. Yes he cried. Yes clapped Susan, we'll call him Tammy. Do you want me to turn you into a woman, Tammy, Tanya whispered in his ear. Yes mistress he cried. She stood up and walked boldly to the bag. She pulled out a strap-on dildo for herself, and one for Susan. Lets fuck the bitch Tanya growled. Tom watched as they both strapped on the dildos as they giggled and groped each others breasts. Tanya was so beautiful it still amazed him she was here with him. He knew he wanted to please her and be her slave. Tanya got behind Susan and drove her dildo into her pussy as Tom watched. Susan groaned in ecstasy. Tanya jerked out, much to Susan's dismay, and walked to Tom. Get on your back like a good slut so I can fuck you with Susan's juices she cooed. Tom got on his back quickly. Hold his legs back Tanya said to Susan as she started slapping his swollen clothes-pinned balls. The pain was tremendous. She kept it up until she'd slapped off all the clothes pins. She then took a tube of lotion, inserted it in his ass hole and squeezed. Tom felt the lotion flow into him. Tanya moved up and inserted her cock in his ass hole, then shoved with all her might. A-a-agh he screamed as she tore into him. she pulled back and rammed in again. He was thrashing, but held securely by Susan. Tanya started to fuck him steadily. Take it slut Tanya hissed. Show your mistress how much you love her. The pain started to go away, replaced by a burning hot sensation that felt good. He started to respond. That's it slut, Tanya cooed. Fuck me like the woman you are. That really turned Tom on and he started moving with her. Take pictures Tanya said to Susan as she pointed at the Polaroid. Susan giggled as grabbed the camera and started to snap. Tanya posed for the pictures, smiling at the camera, putting both hands on her waist as she now easily fucked in and out of his ass hole. You love it don't you slut. Yes mistress, Tom gasped as she continued to thrust into him. She started slapping his rigid cock with her open hand. He screamed in pleasure as much as pain. My turn, My turn, Susan whimpered. All right Baby, Tanya cooed Dogfart Black Dick Picture from a man by the hands. So I go back into the booth where my wife is, waiting for any cock to poke through that hole so she can suck it like the crazed oral nympho she is. Not knowing who it is on the other side turns you on the most, huh? If she knew, I don't know how turned on she would be, she probaly would'nt care, she's a fucking slut from hell anyways, for all I know she's sucked her brothers cock a hundred times. Regardless if she has or has'nt she's about to now. His rock hard boner pokes through the hole and she attacks it like a shark in a feeding frenzy. Sucking the shit out of it like a madwoman, working it in her hand like she's polishing a brass Interracial Gangbang Group legs. He watched as she strapped on a huge black leather dildo. Grease his ass darling she said to Tanya. Tanya's fingers applied lotion to his ass, then her fingers pushed the lotion in. He still has cum in him Mom Tanya giggled. Carmen came behind him and started whipping his ass again. The blows felt different now. They were erotic. His ass opened involuntarily. Good she cooed. Grab his ball sack up by his cock dear. That's it, now pull down she cooed to her daughter. Tanya pulled until he cried out. His sack was stretched unmercifully. He felt the dildo start to enter him. Do you want it slut. Yes Mistress Venus he cried out. She pushed in a little more. Yes what slut? Yes please fuck Me in the ass Mistress Venus he cried. She rammed the dildo in. It took his breath away. Each pounding stroke stretched his ball sack in Tanya's hand to where it felt like it would tear. She fucked him hard and fast. It felt like she was ripping him apart. Do you love it slut. Yes Mistress Venus I love you fucking my ass. Oh yea mom, fuck him good Tanya hissed. He was moaning and starting to get light headed. Suddenly she jerked out. He groaned. All right darling, show me what he can do she purred. Tanya unlocked him, and led him stumbling to the coach in the room. You know what position to get in she hissed at him. He put his back against the front with his legs in the air and his head on the floor. Tanya was pulling on gloves as she got on the coach on her knees. Do you want me to fist you she purred softly at him. Yes mistress he whispered in an excited voice. Tanya started working her fingers in him. She pulled out after four and greased her hand thoroughly. Tonight I really fuck you she cooed as she folded her thumb into her palm and slowly started working her hand into him. She kept pushing the grease in until his ass hole was slippery. She then shoved until her thin hand popped past his sphincter. He gasped as her hand continued to sink into him. She moved her fingers in him and he started panting in raw passion. Oh fuck him baby, Carmen cooed, he loves it. I know she panted as she started to fuck up and down in his ass. After really loosening him over a few minutes she slowly pulled out to the tips of her fingers then shoved steadily all the way back in. Her hand slid in easily this time and she started fucking him. Cum in your mouth faggot she hollered at him. She spit in his face. She fucked him faster, and grabbed his cock. He was numb, and grunting. Her eyes were wild as she fucked him faster and faster. Cum erupted out of his cock and into his mouth and face. Tanya squealed, and shoved in hard. He cried out. Careful honey he heard her mom say. He shook and Tanya held her hand still, deep in his ass. When she shook off the last drops, she slowly pulled her hand out. She pushed all his cum into his mouth with her gloved hand, then made him suck on the fingers. Time to wash it down she giggled as she bounced around and straddled his face. He opened his mouth as she pulled her pussy lips apart. Her pee flowed into his mouth. He opened his throat so it flowed easily down. Tanya was smiling at him. That's it my pretty baby, she purred. When she was done he licked her clean gently. Give yourself to me again baby she purred as she moved her ass up over his mouth. He licked and tongued her till she started to grunt and her ass hole opened. He opened his mouth and a large turd slid into his waiting mouth. Suck on it Carmen growled, suck on my daughters gift. His lips closed around the turd as her ass pushed it down his throat. He gagged, then, determined, he shut his mind and sucked it in, then swallowed. Another one followed the first. Then a third. Tanya sighed and lowered her ass. He tongued her clean. His stomach started to turn and he fought the feeling. Isn't he wonderful mother Tanya beamed as she raised off Tom's face. Let's see if he can really take it Carmen said in a husky voice. Tom could tell she was turned on. She straddled his face and lowered herself slowly as she pulled her pussy lips apart. A stream of hot pee erupted into his open mouth so hard it caught him by surprise. He nearly gagged. He knew she was trying to make him sick and he fought down his turning stomach. Her pee was bitter and he almost puked. When the last drops were falling she grabbed his head. Her eyes were wild as she pulled his mouth hard into her pussy. She started bucking on his face hard. He stuck his tongue in her as far as he could and she rocked hard on his face. She groaned and shook as she came down his throat. Her cum tasted sweet and he licked her furiously. She continued to shake as he ate her. When she settled down he slowly and lovingly licked her as she pulled up. She placed her ass over his mouth and pulled her firm full cheeks apart. He slowly drove his tongue as deep as he could in her. She moaned, Um- m-m-m. that feels good. What a good toilet slave you are. Do you want more treats slave, she cooed. Yes Mistress Venus he mumbled. Yes mom, Tanya said in an excited little girl voice. Shit in his mouth, he'll take it. She squatted above his mouth and he watched her ass hole open. He was in a trance. There was something perversely beautiful about it. The large turd slid out and he wrapped his lips around it as it slid into his mouth. Suck it slut Carmen moaned as she shoved it out of her ass. Another followed and he put his open mouth around her ass hole. That's it baby she moaned as it slid down his throat. He cleaned her thoroughly. She moaned and played with her pussy while he tongued her ass hole. So good she moaned as her body shook and her ass hole constricted around his tongue. She came on his forehead. When she got up she could see he was a little green, fighting back getting sick. Go to the bathroom and puke all that up, clean up and come back in here she commanded. Yes Mistress Venus he mumbled as he ran to the bathroom. He could hear Tanya say, see mom, I told you he was great. CHAPTER TEN When he returned mother and daughter were talking like two school girls. They giggled, then Carmen turned her attention to him. You're very good for the short time you've been in training she said in a business like manner. Toilet slavery is the ultimate statement of a slaves devotion and normally takes months to get there. Your devotion and commitment is obvious and I give permission for my daughter to continue your schooling. Do you want to be made into a woman Tammy. Yes Mistress Venus. Is there anything that might stop you from continuing? My wife returns on Monday Tom, said. We'll eventually have to handle her she said in a haughty tone. I want you to realize, Carmen said, that transformation requires you start on female hormones right away, and that soon you'll have to get breast implants. I think you'd look good with large breasts. Would you like to have large breasts Tammy. Oh yes Mistress Venus. You will have to have other cosmetic surgery and probably collagen in your lips and silicon in your ass cheeks. Are you willing to do all that. Yes mistress he replied eagerly. My my, the whole idea excites you doesn't. Yes Mistress Venus, its something I've dreamed about all my life. Eventually we'll take you to Europe to a doctor I know and he'll make your cock into a beautiful pussy. Is this what you want. More than anything Mistress Venus he replied. His heart was racing. She appraised him for a while. You will make a beautiful woman she said. You're already beautiful and have all the right features and build. Do you like cock. Yes Mistress Venus, he whispered as he blushed. Don't be shy Carmen said. If you want to be a woman you must like cock. Tomorrow I want you two to rest and pamper each other. Friday, Tammy, you will go to the boutique on this piece of paper and ask for Eileen. She will be expecting you. She will make you up and select some outfits for you, one you will wear. After that, you will go to Doctor Bronston's office, and she will evaluate you and provide you with your initial hormones, a diet to follow, and some medication to protect you when you do toilet sex. Then you will go back to the club you met Clyde at, and spend the rest of the day. You will be by yourself, and you need to really let go and be all the woman you want to be. Do you understand. Yes Mistress Venus, Tom replied in an excited tone as his heart raced. You will need about $1,000, is that a problem. No Mistress he replied. Good she said. I think its time we all got some rest. When he got home he pranced around the house. He was so excited. The night had been unbelievable. Tanya was incredible, but Carmen was extraordinary. He got turned on thinking about being their toilet. There was something about the act that turned him on. He went upstairs and primped in front of the mirror. He was thinking how fantastic he looked when the doorbell rang. He panicked until he heard Susan's voice. He went down quickly, and brought her inside. She was a little drunk. He hoped the neighbors hadn't heard her. Susan strutted into the living room and started removing her dress. You guys left me she whimpered as her dress dropped and she turned. God she's beautiful Tom thought. They fucked me to death for they'd let me go she slurred. She swayed a little. You look beautiful she said as she finally focused on Tom. Thank you he said. Makes no difference she mumbled. You left me, she said as she turned and spread her legs and put her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. So you have to clean me, and I have a lot off cum in me. Its been running out all the way over, so get over here you slut she hissed. Tom saw the white trails of cum and quickly knelt behind her. As his tongue licked around her ass catching the cum that was already out, his mind flashed on the image of her fucking all three men as they had left. He went wild, his tongue driving in and out of her ass hole, licking up every drop of cum. Oh God Yes Baby, Susan cried out. Go for it. I saved it for you , you slut. Oh God that feels so good she moaned. He moved under to her pussy for a while, then back to her ass. He licked her legs, then back to her ass hole again. Yea baby, Susan purred in her little girl voice, eat that black cum. I have to pee she mumbled. He put his mouth over her pussy as she spread her lips for him. Her piss shot down his throat. She sighed as she pissed a continuous stream. It seemed to go forever. When she was done he cleaned her. More in my ass she mumbled. He went back and she spread herself and squeezed. He could see more cum coming out. He licked her clean. It continued, she squeezed, he cleaned. Finish it she groaned. His tongue lapped deeper and deeper into her until she was moaning. She started playing with her pussy. Keep going. I'm going to cum she moaned. She shook and her ass hole constricted around his tongue as she came. Oh God She sighed, that feels so good. I want to go to bed she slurred. He picked her up in his arms and took her upstairs, where he undressed her and put her to bed. He put on a silk teddy and crawled in next to her. She cuddled into him He felt wonderful. What would he do when his wife came home? Cumbang Torrents occupied booths. I got her bent over with her skirt pulled up, pumping away on her velvet snatch, when she stands up, my cock flopping out of her and says "what's that?" as she pointed to a hole in the wall. I told her the was a gloryhole, guys get their dicks sucked through them, most of the time by other guys. We finished fucking and that was that...until that night, she told me the thought of sucking a strangers cock without either of you knowing who was on the other side really turned her on and that she wanted to try it real bad. So we go back down to the bookstore right then and hit up the booths and wait for her big chance to do it. It Nikita Denise Mandingo suggestions as he went. He slipped into the high heel shoes and she whistled. He looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn't believe the image staring back at him was really him. The short leather skirt and black nylons and garter really made his legs stand out. The sexy red top went well with the rest of the outfit. His heart was racing. He really was finally a becoming a woman. He knew this was what he'd always really wanted. He wanted this to go on forever. You look fantastic she cooed. How'd you ever learn how to do this he asked? My moms a dominatrix she said. I've watched her feminize several men. None of them looked even close to as good as you look she said proudly. After this step she purred, I'm going to introduce you to my mom. She's dying to meet you. She knows he stammered. Of course silly, the equipment is all hers, and she arranged for you to be with Clyde. Who's Clyde he asked? What voice did I tell you to use she snapped? I 'm sorry mistress he whimpered. Who is Clyde he mumbled. Clyde, she said mater of factly, is the man who breaks in all my mom's she-males. Maybe we're moving to fast he whimpered to her in a high voice. Nonsense she purred, don't you trust me? Yes mistress he whispered. She got up and caressed him. I know you fantasize about being a woman she purred. I want to help you live out that fantasy. I think you should have been a woman she purred as she walked around him. Just look at you. You're beautiful. You need to let go an see for yourself if your dreams are true she whispered. I guarantee you'll find out you want to be and live like a woman. But I can't I'm married. After I introduce you to my mom, we can continue your training there. No one needs to know darling, and I want you to do this with me she cooed. I want to make you into a woman, even if its only part time. You wouldn't disappoint me would you she pouted? No Mistress he said, I love you. He was amazed how easily a high voice had come out. He looked at himself in the mirror. Now get on the bed and bend over she said. Yes Mistress he replied. She started shoving lubricant into his ass hole. It's wonderful how easily you've opened up she exclaimed. It normally takes a lot longer. There she said with a giggle, ready. The doorbell rang. A look of panic crossed his face. Its only Susan Tanya laughed. Grab a purse she said. Can you pick one he said. She grabbed a small opera purse out of his wife's closet and threw lipstick, blush and rouge into it. You have so much to learn she purred. Come. They went downstairs and opened the door. Susan's mouth dropped. Wow, she exclaimed. In the car they gabbed and giggled like a bunch of hens. Tom was amazed how comfortable he felt in his high voice a caring on like he was a school girl. He started to get excited. He had no idea of how it would be or what to expect. It excited him even more. They arrived at a small out of the way billiards pallor on the other side of town and the girls got excited. I get John Susan said. OK Tanya said. I want to try Raymond anyway. Tammy gets the stud Susan giggled. Tanya giggled too. Yea, he's gonna love it she said as she kissed him on the cheek , smiled then they all went into the pallor. The few men that were in the place stared at them hard. Tanya and Susan ignored them and walked to the table of black men sitting in the back. Hi Tanya said as she got there and one of the men got up to meet her. Clyde, this is Tammy. The man eyed Tom as he held out his hand. He was very handsome, and he was strongly built. Tom noticed a bulge going down his pants leg. It was huge. His heart raced. Maybe I should turn and run he thought. I think I may be in over my head. The men pulled up chairs for the girls and him and they sat down with the men. Tom was maneuvered next to Clyde. He was nervous. They ordered drinks, talked, and laughed and seemed to accept him readily. Clyde put his hand on Tom's leg and gently squeezed as they all gradually paired off. After three drinks the girls were feeling good and the guys put on some music. They got up to dance, and Clyde stood and pulled Tom up Let's dance he said in a sexy voice. They went to the area where everyone was dancing. The girls had there arms around their men's necks and were flirting and kissing them. Clyde pulled Tom close and Tom put his arms around his neck. Clyde pulled him close and Their bodies meshed together. Tom could feel his massive cock. You're beautiful Clyde growled in a sexy voice. Thank you Tom said in a high falsetto that seemed to come naturally. His heart was racing he was so excited. They stared at the others then at each other as they swayed slowly in the dark corner of the bar. Clyde leaned in and kissed him. His tongue pushed into his mouth and he was rough. It was so different and Tom loved it. He found himself slowly melting into the man and sucking on his tongue. As they continued to kiss all Tom's inhibitions melted away in this strong man's arms and he felt himself mentally changing into a feminine being. It seemed so natural as he passionately kissed this beautiful sexy man. Tom found himself shedding all his masculine traits easily and starting to feel like a woman. They flirted and danced and drank. Sitting at the table Tom acted like one of the girls, talking and giggling, sitting as close as he could to Clyde as Clyde put his arm around him and pulled him close. He felt high, and giddy. Clyde kissed him frequently. Lets get out of here Raymond said. Where to John Said. My place Clyde said. We'll meet you there. Stop and get some refreshment Clyde said as he threw a hundred on the table. They got up to leave and Tom felt proud and hot. He was with the stud. In the car they kissed deeply. Feel my cock Clyde whispered. Tom let his hand run to Clyde's cock. He felt it. It was magnificent. It grew as he stroked it. Clyde reached around him and pulled him close, into a hard passionate kiss. His strong hands went and squeezed Tom's ass cheeks. It made Tom moan as he ran he hand over the outline of Clyde's cock in his pants. They drove out of the parking lot as Tom snuggled into Clyde. God you're hot Clyde hissed. So are you Tom purred. Take my cock out Clyde hissed. Tom undid his pants without hesitation and found he had no underpants on. Pull it out Clyde growled. Tom pulled and the huge cock snapped out of Clyde's pants. It was sticking straight up. Suck it he growled. Tom was mesmerized and he went down without hesitation. His lips wrapped around the massive tool and he felt his heart skip a beat. He'd never been this excited before. He licked and sucked the huge cock with abandon. Oh yea baby Clyde moaned. That turned him on even more and he opened his mouth till it hurt, sucking Clyde's massive cock as far down his throat as he could. His tongue worked all over the underside of Clyde's cock as he sucked and slurped his cock. He lost himself in a different world. He wanted to make this beautiful cock come. He worked it like it like an animal. Yea baby, Clyde hissed, make me cum. That turned him on even more and he went nuts, giving it everything he had, moving every way he could think of. The first load caught him off guard. It shot deep into his throat. He gagged briefly but he was so turned on he quickly recovered and opened his throat to the blast after blast of cum erupting out of this man's cock. That's it baby Clyde grunted, take my cum. CHAPTER EIGHT When he'd licked and sucked Clyde dry he could feel his cock start to grow in his mouth again. The feel turned him on. He could still taste the cum in his mouth and he loved it. Clyde's cock was slick and getting harder. There was a bump and then Clyde stopped the car. Come on baby we're here he growled. He buckled his belt and got out, bringing Tom out the same side of the car. His huge cock still hung out of his pants, and Tom bent and kissed it. You slut Clyde growled. Can't even wait. He grabbed Tom, turned him around, and pushed him down on the hood of the car. He lifted his skirt and violently ripped off his panties. Tom was so turned on he couldn't believe it. Clyde spread his legs and brought his already slick tool up to Tom's ass hole. I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked you hot bitch. The words got Tom even more excited. Yes he moaned as Clyde started to push in him. Tanya's preparation had been excellent. His ass was already juicy and gradually the huge cock slid deeper and deeper. Tom felt a mixture of pain then pleasure as he felt his first real cock. He loved it. Open all the way slut Clyde growled. Take your man. Tom moved back into each stroke now, and Clyde was fucking him hard. His balls were slapping on Tom's ass cheeks. Feel good baby. Oh God yes Tom moaned. I love it. I'm gonna fuck you good you hot bitch whore Clyde growled through his grunts. Another car pulled in the driveway and its lights shined directly on them. Here he was exposed for the world to see with this black stud fucking the shit out of him, and Tom came for the first time. He was thrilled to be exposed as a woman and he realized he wanted cock all the time. He loved the feel and taste of it. He moaned and bucked harder into the monster cock invading his ass hole. Tanya jumped out of the car as the lights stayed locked on the two of them. Wow, she exclaimed as she came up and kissed Tom's lips. Do you like it baby she cooed. I love it he whimpered. I knew you would she purred as she rubbed his back as Clyde fucked the shit out of his ass. He was so open it slid easily in and out now. He felt Clyde stiffen and hot cum shot deep into his bowels. He moaned as the feeling made him cum again. His mind went into a different world. He was a woman now. Able to cum just from getting fucked. He loved it. As soon as Clyde stopped cumming, he pulled out. He was panting and everyone was around them now, and the lights were extinguished. Wow that was awesome he heard Susan say. Hot came a mans voice. Lets go inside Clyde said still panting. The others went ahead and Clyde lifted Tom and turned him. They went into a deep kiss. They went into the house and everyone was stripping. The men's cocks were the first thing Tom found himself noticing. They were all well endowed, and already hard. Tanya led Raymond over and cooed, suck his cock for me baby. Tom got on his knees and started sucking on the big cock. He loved the texture and feel in his mouth. Susan led John over and Tom reached up and felt his cock. Clyde came up on the other side and Tom started stroking his cock too as he suck Raymond's cock deep. He went back and forth from cock to cock. Sucking and licking like there was no tomorrow. The more he sucked the more excited he got. Tanya went behind and started inserting her fingers in his ass hole. Wet she purred as her fingers slid easily in and out. Tom was going wild when Susan dropped in front of him, and started sucking his cock. He's ready Tanya cooed. John Pushed him on to his back and the
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