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Young Black Coc Nikita Denise Mandingo She knew she was drunk. She'd probably had a few more than she should have, but she was mad, and frustrated. Her husband, Bill, had taken off on another business trip to New York this morning. That in its self wasn't so bad, but his sexy red headed assistant had gone also, and she was sure they were fucking. That wouldn't have even bothered her so much if she was getting her fair share, but Bill hadn't shown much interest in her over the last two years. They'd had sex exactly once over that time frame, and she was going nuts. Plus it had been two years since Kathy had been promoted to his assistant. Sure, Jane thought, I'm forty, but I still have a sexy body and nobody has tits like mine. She was lucky. She was a tall attractive blonde with long legs, a thin waist, and best of all, a 42E chest. Men had fawned over her all her life, and then she'd married Bill 10 years ago. He was successful and handsome, and they'd had a great sex life the first 5 years. Then things had started to deteriorate. Sex came less frequently, even when she tried to spice things up. She started to work out, because she didn't have to work, and her body had tightened up. Bill still ignored her. They had fought, and she had started to drink. When he left this morning, she already had a couple of bloody Mary's, and she snapped at him about fucking his assistant. He ignored her, and left. She was fuming mad. She drank some more. Then as she was reading the paper she saw an add for a jazz group she liked. They were playing at a club in down town San Francisco. She showered put some things in a bag and drove over the bridge before rush hour, and got a room three blocks from the club. She was going to enjoy herself and tie one on. That's exactly what she'd done. She'd dressed in a sexy short dress that showed off her big tits and legs and gone to the bar at 8:00. It was now 1:00 in the morning and she had had a lot. She'd flirted with all the men who'd shown interest, but no one really interested her. She knew it was time to go to the hotel, or she wouldn't make it. She got off her stool and walked out the front door. The cold San Francisco air had hit her and she shivered. She'd gone a block before she noticed the black man following her. He was getting closer. Her heart raced. Whoa pretty lady, a deep voice said. She turned. Are you following me she hissed? Thought you might want some company he cooed. He was big and rugged looking. A slight pang of fear hit her stomach. Well I don't she hissed, so leave me alone, and turned and started to walk away. He was on her like a cat. One arm tight around her waist, the other hand clamped over her mouth as he picked her up and carried her kicking into the alley. Fear gripped her. You come in and tease the hell out of everybody with them big titties and you ain't gonna give up some. I don't think so Bitch. He was strong, and when they got to the back of the alley, he shoved her facing up against the wall. He leaned into her hard. His hand quickly slid down to her throat and squeezed. Now we can do this hard, and you're gonna get hurt, or you can let me have mine and we both walk out, you understand. She shook her head yes. He eased his grip on her neck. Spread your legs, he hissed in her ear. She did. He lifted her dress and started stroking her crotch. You're one hot bitch, you know. Best looking woman I've ever seen he said as his fingers worked her. She began to squirm. She couldn't help it. She was being raped, and it started to turn her on. She let out a low moan. He pulled her off the wall and let his other hand run down on to her tits. He squeezed and manipulated them like a maestro. Nicest tits I ever seen on a bitch, he mumbled. She was getting really turned on and could feel his cock up against her leg. He kissed the back of her neck and ran his tongue up to her ear. Electric shocks shot through her. She wanted him to rape her. She reached back and felt his cock through his pants. It was big. Her breath came faster. Baby's hot he whispered. Yes she moaned as he ripped a hole in her panty hose, moved her panties, and sunk a finger in her cunt. Oh God she moaned. Wet already he cooed in her ear. He unzipped her dress then said, turn around as he released her. She turned with her arms crossed in front of her. He stepped out of his pants and hung them on a nail in the wall. He wasn't wearing any underpants and his cock bounced out of his pants. She let out a gasp. It was huge. I don't think I can take that she said as she stared mesmerized by the giant. She started feeling sexy, and she was excited. Don't worry, you'll love it he growled as he swept her in his arms and kissed her hard. His tongue drove down her throat, and she moaned as she put her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. He pulled away. She was panting. Take your dress off so it doesn't get ruined he growled. She quickly slipped out of her dress and hung it on a nail in the wall. God, what tits he said as he pulled her in and sank his lips around her nipples. Yes, suck them hard she hissed as she threw her head back. Her hands were behind his head and he manipulated her tits expertly. She could see the cars driving past the alley entrance, and the openness and possible exposure of the sex act turned her on even more. She started to squirm. He pulled back and took his cock in his hand. Suck it he growled. She drooped to her knees with out thinking and started sucking the head, then licking down the side of the monster. It grew as he released his grip and she grabbed hold of her prize. She sucked and stroked deeper and deeper. She could feel it grow in her mouth and it excited her. She was going deeper and deeper, moaning and slobbering on his tool when he pulled her up and turned her around. Bend over he growled. She did as she was told, and he moved behind her. She could feel the huge head against her pussy lips as he moved it around, then slowly started to push in. Aagh she cried out. It was splitting her open, but she was so hot she didn't care. She was being raped she reasoned and if she tried to stop he might hurt her. He pushed more and more into her. He slapped her ass and when she jumped his cock sank in to the hilt. She gasped and almost passed out. He held her effortlessly. Relax he cooed, now comes the good part. As she relaxed, he slowly started moving in her. The pain gave way to an unbelievable feeling. She started grunting and shoving back into him. He'd pull out to the tip and tease her until she'd push back and his cock would sink in her all the way. Fuck me she moaned. Beg me, bitch he hissed. Pl-l-e-e-a-s-e fuck me she cried out in agony for his cock. He started fucking her hard and she could feel her orgasm rise. He was touching places she didn't even know she had. She went into another world. Give me that big black cock she grunted, fuck me good. Her head tossed around as he reached around and pinched her nipples. She exploded. Cum gushed out of her. Yes she cried out as she started to shake. She felt him tense, and cum shot deep into her pussy. She was overcome and was babbling as she continued to shake while he shot load after load into her waiting hole, and she came over and over. She squeezed her pussy around him draining him. They caught their breath, and he pulled out. He turned her and drew her into a deep passionate kiss. He pushed her back and then down. Suck me clean he hissed as she dropped to her knees and eagerly slurped and sucked his cum covered cock clean. You like that big black meat, don't you he hissed. Yes she moaned as she rubbed his cock on her face and looked into his eyes. You want more. Yes she moaned. Where you staying. At the Monroe she said. Get dressed and let's go he growled, I want some of that ass too. She shuddered, but she knew she'd do anything to feel what she'd just felt, and the lewdness excited her. CHAPTER TWO They Strolled through the lobby, her arm linked through his. People stared, but she didn't care. She wanted more of his wonderful cock, and she wanted to feel more of what she'd felt in the alley. When they opened the door she felt bold and walked to the phone, picked it up and called the front desk. He eyed her. This is Jane Dunhill in 1608, I wondered if you might have a suite we could transfer to she said as she boldly dropped the top of her dress exposing her tits to him. He moved in and started manipulating them. Good she said in a husky voice as he felt her, send your man up and we'll transfer. She put the phone down and unzipped his pants while he mauled her breasts. She pulled his cock out. He was hard. You really want it all don't you. Yes she sighed as she kissed him. When she pulled back, she looked at him and purred, I want you to use me anyway you want. Oh I will baby, he hissed as he threw her on the bed and shoved her legs back around her shoulders. Her cunt was exposed and he started sinking his cock in. What you gonna do when the bell man comes he hissed at her. I don't care she moaned. He started fucking her hard. She couldn't believe it. He was going deeper than the last time. She quickly started to come with the thrill of it all and that huge cock reaching places that sent her wild. She came. As she was moaning he pulled out and brought his cock to her face. She opened her mouth and cum shot out on her face and into her mouth. It was hot and tasted salty. She took the head in her mouth and sucked and licked him clean. The doorbell rang. Just a minute she called as she ran to the bathroom. Let him in she laughed. She cleaned her face and packed the few things in the bathroom. She came out, and she could smell the scent of cum in the room. She signed a new voucher for the suite, then let the bell hop collect her things as she smiled at her new lover and he smiled a wicked smile back at her. God, she was going to get fucked to death. They followed the bellhop to the elevator, Jane clinging to her lover's arm, pushing her breasts into him. She felt like a naughty school girl. They kissed and fawned over each other in the elevator making the bell hop blush. Jane loved it. She was tempted to pull out his big black cock and really put on a show. The bellhop quickly led them to the room and put Jane's stuff away as Jane kissed and ran her hands over her black lover. She tipped the bell hp and he left beat red. She laughed. You nasty bitch, he growled. Order some food if you can, he hissed. Oysters, steak, and some champagne. I got to take a shower. He walked off. What's your name she whimpered. Buck, he growled. Hello Buck, she giggled. He turned and she dropped her dress. All the windows were wide open, but she didn't care. From now on you're naked unless I tell you otherwise, Buck growled. You got it. Yes master she whimpered. She couldn't believe how hot and crazy all of this was making her. After you order, join me in the shower, he commanded. Yes Sir, she cooed. He turned and looked at her. I'll tell you one thing bitch, you're the hottest woman I've ever seen or met, and I'm gonna fuck you silly. He turned and walked to the bathroom. She could only get champagne because it was so late, and it came right away. She poured two glasses and went into the bathroom. Her pussy was stretched and tender, and the burning made her want more. She wanted raw sex, anyway he wanted to give it to her. She opened the shower door and he looked at her as she handed him the champagne. To late for food , she said. She looked at his strong body glistening wet, his cock hanging semi-limp. She posed as she stood there, letting her hands run over her breasts. They were sensitive, something that had never happened before. She pinched her nipples and sighed as she looked at him with lust filled eyes. Want more of this cock, don't you he hissed wickedly. Nikita Denise Mandingo the time and she couldn't wait to get back to the ships to fuck. One particular time we were in the cabin of a mutual friend together with one of her dancer friends Zo‘. My friend put on a porno, there was a segment where two women were Venus Blacks On Blondes Femdom Cuckold started fucking Jane. She pushed in up to her knuckles as Jane moaned. She took her fingers out of Jane's ass, and started rubbing the inside of her legs. Rub your clit she said. Jane went with her hand, and started to rub her clit. The woman was fucking in and out of her, and Jane could feel her pussy stretch and take the fingers past the knuckles. She was hot, and the woman knew it. Time to take it all baby she cooed as she folded her thumb into her palm and started working her fingers back into Jane's wide open pussy. Oh God Jane moaned. She pushed and her hand went in over the knuckles. Oh Jesus Jane cried out. The woman pulled back, then gently shoved her hand in. When she got past her knuckles, she continued to push. Take it baby, she purred. Take momma's fist. Jane was tossing her head as she pushed onto the hand, and it popped in up to the woman's wrist. The woman moaned, Oh Yea, that's it. She gently started to fuck back and forth inside her. Jane was going nuts. The woman was feeling her inside as she pushed in and out. You have such a nice pussy she moaned as she leaned forward and bit Jane's clit. The shock waves were unbelievable. Her pussy tightened around the woman's hand and suddenly she squirted cum. The woman's tongue floated over her pussy, then flicked her clit. Another orgasm overwhelmed Jane. She cried out as she thrashed under the woman. She started fucking Jane in steady strokes. Jane started to pant and buck into her hand. Fuck me she hissed. Fuck me good. I love it. I know you do baby the woman cooed as she continued to kiss her clit. Jane came in an explosion. Cum shot out of her as she screamed. It was like pee there was so much. The woman lapped up all she could, but cum landed on her face and chest, and all over her arms. Jane shook through climax after climax. When she stopped shaking, she opened her eyes and the woman was sitting smiling at her. Feel good darling. Yes Jane whimpered. The woman slowly removed her fist. Then started to rub the cum into her body. Jane came up and started licking her all over. Yea baby, the woman moaned. That feels good. I think you're ready to go out with us. Go out with you, Jane said ? What do you mean? Go out on the street for your man, the woman said. Do some tricks. Make some money. I can't do that Jane stammered. Sure you can the woman purred as she stroked her hair. You love cock, and it'll be exciting for you, sucking all that strange cock. Getting to act like a slut for a while. All the girl's do it. All the girl's Jane stammered? Yea, all the girls, the woman said. Don't worry baby, she said as she stroked Jane's hair and looked deep into her eyes. I'll be with you, and when we're done we can come back and I can make love to you all night. They kissed passionately. The woman pulled back. I'm Kiki she said. Hi, I'm Jane, Jane replied in a subdued voice. Kiki kissed her again. Look, if you don't go out and try, Buck and Doc won't fuck you anymore, Kiki cooed, and that means I don't get to make love to you either, and I wouldn't like that she whispered in Jane's mouth, then kissed her. Jane melted. She started thinking about being a whore, and got excited. As she started to get turned on, Kiki said, whoa. Wait a minute. We have to get ready, and if we get started we won't stop. They showered and Kiki did Jane's hair and make up. Then Jane dressed in her outfit. Kiki came out and looked at her and whistled. Boy you're gonna knock-em dead. Jane blushed, but she was getting excited. It's $50 a blow job in the car, Kiki said as she applied her lipstick in the mirror. $100 to fuck. $250 if they want to take you somewhere like a hotel room or a house. You don't go to a room or home without me or someone getting the licensee number on the car. Then you call my cellular when you get their and let me know you're alright. OK. OK Jane replied with a giggle. Kiki looked at her and smiled. You look great. So do you Jane cooed as she blushed at her thoughts. I'm gonna make love to you all night when we get home, Kiki said. Jane blushed again, realizing how much she wanted this woman, any woman. She was hot. The idea of going out and hooking on the street excited and scared her. Her pussy was wet. The guys dropped them at a street in the market area. Other girls could be seen if you looked. Make some money bitch, Doc growled and Buck and I'll reward you. She's mine tonight you ass holes, Kiki hissed. We'll see Doc growled back. They took off. Jane was tremendously nervous. Let's get a drink and calm you down Kiki said. Ok Jane replied. By the way, your street name is Valerie. OK Jane mumbled. Kiki took her arm and they walked down the street. In the bar everyone had eyed them. Several men approached but Kiki had told them to get lost. After three drinks Jane felt it start to hit, she started to feel decadent for what she was about to do, and it turned her on. The trill of it, and sex to boot. Come on Kiki said. As they left, Kiki pulled her into the bath room. Come here she cooed as she pulled Jane into a stall. You nervous. Yes Jane mumbled. Maybe this will help Kiki Said as she pulled Jane's skirt up and started to play with her pussy. Kiki pulled the straps down off her dress and pulled her breasts out. Suck my nipples she cooed. Get them hard. Jane felt the lust and excitement build as she sucked Kiki's nipples. That's enough Kiki purred as she stopped. Just wanted to get you hot before we went out. CHAPTER SEVEN Jane was hot as they started to walk the street. She strutted in a slutty walk and guys whistled out their car windows. She loved it. She was watching the girls up the street when Kiki hollered, Hey Valerie, this guy wants you. She was so nervous she couldn't stand it as she strutted over. She looked in and saw a large middle aged black man. He wants a blow job Kiki cooed. OK Jane found herself saying, then she hopped in the car. Let's go park she purred as her blood temperature started to rise. They parked and She said, can I have the money. The guy quietly took out his wallet and gave it to her. Tilt your seat back she said. Can I see your tits the man said. Jane unsnapped her bra and her tits sprung out. God, was all he said. As he stared at her, she undid his pants and took out his cock. It was good sized and thick. She took it in her mouth and ran her tongue around it then took it deep down her throat. Compared to Buck and Doc, this was easy she thought as she felt him grow harder. She wondered what he tasted like as she made her decision and started sucking him for all she was worth. Oh God he moaned, I'm going to cum. She kept going hard and he shot his load deep in the back of her throat. It turned her on, and she sucked him dry. As she got up, he said, You're beautiful, what are you doing out there. I love sex she said and smiled at him. She turned her back to him and said, will you help me hook my bra. On the way back he gave her an extra $50 and his private work number. He dropped her back. Now she was hot. She wanted more. The next car that slowed, did so right in front of her. The window rolled down. It was a young white businessman. Are you available he stammered. She smiled a wicked smile, Yes I am she said as she leaned in his window and flaunted her huge breasts. OK he said shyly. What you want she asked coyly? A-A-A-A blow job he stammered. She climbed in quickly. As he drove away she looked him over. He was handsome, and she could see a huge bulge in his pants. She reached over and felt him. My God she exclaimed. I know he said. Most women won't have anything to do with me once they see how big it is, he said meekly. Jane was really excited now. Don't you worry, she cooed, I'm not going anywhere. We're gonna have a good time. She was trembling as she undid his pants while he drove. Where should we go he stuttered. Anywhere darling, she cooed as she pulled his cock out with a great deal of effort. When it sprung out she gasped. It was almost as big as Doc's, and it was now hard as a rock. You're huge she said in a husky voice as she stroked him. He moaned. When's the last time someone let you fuck them baby, she purred. A long time ago he moaned. He pulled into a parking lot and went to the back. She was already sucking his head and running her tongue all over his monster cock. She sat up when he pulled to a stop. She looked around and thought they were safe. Tilt your seat back and take your pants off, she purred. He quickly did what she wanted. She unhooked her bra. Her breasts bounced out. Suck them she hissed in a lusty voice as she stuck them in his face. He sucked her greedily as she stroked him. She went down and got his cock really wet, licking all around it and letting syliva run out of her mouth over the head. His cock was so huge yet rock hard. She wanted it bad. She quickly threw her legs over him so her breasts were right in his face, and started to lower herself on to his cock. Suck them baby she cooed as she started to force the monster into her raw pussy. Getting past the swollen head was hard, but she bore down. Give it to me baby she moaned as more and more slid into her. I can't believe it he moaned. She took both hands and held his head so she could look into his eyes as he sunk all the way in. She gasped as it went all the way in. His eyes were wide as she kissed him. He put his arms around her and drew her into a deep kiss. He started fucking her. She moaned into his mouth. He pulled away from the kiss, am I hurting you he asked shyly. No baby, she said as she smiled down at him. You're making me feel great, now fuck me good. Her fucked her hard and fast. She could feel him start to build to a climax. Suck my tits she cried out. He sucked her nipples hard. She shuddered as she started to cum. He groaned and pushed into her all the way. She gasped as he went deeper than she had ever been penetrated. His cum shot into her womb. She gushed out all over him. Oh God she cried out. Give it to me baby. Give mamma your cum. He shot load after load into her and his cock stayed hard. They shook together, and held each other tight. When they regained their senses, he was still hard, and deep in her pussy. You're still hard baby she said as she kissed him tenderly. When I'm excited I tend to stay hard, that's the other thing that scares women he said shyly. She really liked this guy, and she loved his cock. You just needed to be with an older woman, she cooed as she caressed his face. I don't know about older he said, but you're the most beautiful, sexy woman I've ever seen. She blushed. I want more she said as she slowly pulled off his cock. Now hold still baby, I'm gonna try to get you in my ass. She looked back and their juices coated his cock. She reached back to her sopping pussy and started pushing cum into her ass hole. She then grabbed his cock and moved the head to her ass hole. Now push, steady and slow. Don't stop even if I cry out she panted. She was so hot she was beside herself. Slowly the head pushed in. She gritted her teeth. Oh God she groaned. The head suddenly popped past her spinchter. A-A-A-A-GH she cried out as he sank in deep. He held still. She was shaking. The felling was like being split apart, yet sensual. She wanted his cock. She wanted to experience him in her ass. She slowly started moving up and down on him. The pain turned to numbness, and her ass hole started to open. Oh God she cried out panting. Her body was trembling as he sank deeper and deeper into her. Are you OK, he asked in concern. She smiled down at him, and kissed him. Yes she panted, so very all right. Fuck my ass now she purred as she pulled his face to her breasts again. He sucked and kissed her as he started to stroke in and out, going a little deeper with each stroke. She felt faint. Black Dick Riders

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Lisa Ann Black Cock Big Black Cock my friend Rudy started sucking on Zoe's tit's. Zo‘ got so wild she turned around and started fucking Rudy while I looked on, getting blown by Emma, I came all over her face and tits, while Zo‘ screamed in ecstasy from Rudy's hard fucking. Cuckold Books Cuckold Strapon Jane and started to grunt. Fuck me back she hissed. Jane needed no encouragement. They thrust themselves into each other over and over. Harder and harder. They both cried out as they started to cum together. They shook and rubbed against each other as their orgasms subsided. Karen drew Jane into a deep tender kiss. They continued to kiss and feel each others bodies for a long time. I'm so turned on Jane whispered as Karen held her face and stared at her deeply. So am I Karen purred. I could make love to you forever she sighed. I won't stop you Jane said. Karen smiled. They found themselves talking about everything as they held and caressed each other. Karen was married to a high powered businessman, in the same field as Jane's husband. He'd divorced his first wife and married her. She was well off but after two years the passion faded. Then she'd met Buck. She said she'd never felt so sexual. He'd introduced her to a lot of different things, each one increasing her sexual appetite. When he brought another woman in to join them she knew she'd never be the same. And now I've found you she purred as she took Jane into a deep, long, tender kiss. Make love to me Jane whispered to her. Karen turned and got on top of her, her ass and pussy directly over her face. Karen started licking Jane as Jane sucked on her clit ring. Jane had rarely sixty-nined with anyone and she found it exotic and wonderful with this beautiful woman. Karen started to cum and Jane worked her pussy even harder. Yes Karen cried out, then dove back into Jane's pussy. Within minutes, Jane started to cum. It flowed freely in one orgasm after another. She felt pleasure and warmth she'd never known before and it excited her more. They were so into each other they hadn't heard Buck enter the room. He stripped as he watched them, then walked over to the bed. Karen saw him first. He'd gotten a bottle of lubricant from the drug store and he poured some over his cock as he stared at them. Is she ready he said. Yes Karen moaned. He startled Jane, then she saw his huge cock, all shinny and hard. She was so turned on. Karen pulled Jane's legs back around her head as she sat up on Jane's face. Oh God Yes Karen moaned as Buck sunk his cock in Jane's waiting pussy. The lubricant made it slide in easy. It felt so erotic sliding in so easy and filling her completely she started to cum. Fuck her good for me Karen moaned. Jane loved this woman and started eating her faster and driving her tongue deeper. Buck stroked his huge cock in and out in even steady strokes. He'd pull out and held the tip at the entrance to her cunt as she thrashed trying to get it back in. Karen started to roll her clit as Buck started to fuck her harder and harder. She couldn't stop cumming. Buck pulled out slowly. Her ass he said, and Karen grabbed a pillow and put it underneath Jane as she pulled her legs back further. Buck greased his cock as Karen oiled Jane's ass hole and shot lubricant into her ass. As Buck positioned himself Jane was beside herself. She wanted him to violate her ass again. He pushed slowly. When the head popped in she gasped as he slid easily deeper. Karen went down and started licking her pussy. Jane went nuts as Buck started to fuck her ass hard. Karen moved off her and started to kiss her breasts as she rolled her clit between her fingers. A-A-A-A-G-H Jane cried out as she came with an intensity that scared her. Her eyes were big and she cried out, Dear God as her whole body convulsed, pushing Buck's cock out with a pop. Karen kissed and caressed her face as Buck laughed. Your turn bitch, he said to Karen. She got in the doggie position next to Jane and buck started to slide into her ass. Karen moaned as she looked at Jane. Jane was watching in a fog. She was drained. She watched as Buck slowly worked his whole cock into her ass. Karen was moaning and her eyes were glazed. Jane felt love for this lady and slid over to where they could kiss. They kissed for a long time as Buck relentlessly fucked her. Jane was regaining her energy. The sight of Buck's black cock disappearing into Karen turned her on. She got up and rubbed Karen's back, then went and pulled on the clit ring as Karen bucked up into the huge cock. Karen gasped and Jane felt cum flood over her hand. Buck tensed and let out a deep growl as he shook and shot his cum deep in Karen's ass. They all sat still for a minute. Damn, you lady's are hot Buck said panting, as he withdrew. His cock was white with cum and glistened in the sunlight. Jane was mesmerized. Suck it Buck growled. Jane took it in her mouth without thinking. She tasted the mixture on his cock as she quickly cleaned him. Karen was still in her doggie position moaning. Cum still dribbled out of her pussy. Clean her, woman, he hissed at Jane. Jane went behind Karen and started to lick her legs.. Clean her ass hole Buck cooed. She loves it, he said. Jane sunk her tongue in and tasted the cum as it flowed out. It excited her. She pulled Karen into her and sunk her tongue deeper. Yea baby Karen moaned as she relaxed. Jane drove her tongue deep until she was sure she had it all, then went to taste Karen's cunt and all the juices there. She got on her back and slid underneath Karen and Karen sat up. Oh Yes lover Karen purred as she touched Jane's face. Jane squirmed as she licked her clean. Suddenly Jane felt herself cum. She moaned as she ate and licked Karen's pussy. That's it baby, let it go Karen purred softly. Jane dropped, panting, and Karen got off and cuddled up to her. They kissed tenderly as Buck watched from the chair. CHAPTER FOUR Buck went to the living room and turned on the TV. Jane could hear him on the phone. Karen caressed and kissed her. Jane felt so limp, she melted into Karen. U-M-M-M-M Karen cooed, you feel so wonderful. So do you Jane purred into her chest. I want to stay like this forever. Karen put her hand under her chin and lifted her face. She stared deeply into her eyes and into her soul. I feel the same baby. You're special. They melted into each other as they kissed deeply, with their tongues twirling together and the taste of each other on their faces. They slowly explored each other, being soft, gentle, and loving. I'm going to give you my number so we can be together when Buck's not around, Karen purred. Call me anytime. Jane looked at the number. You live close to me, I can tell by the number. All that much better, Karen whispered, then took her nipple in her mouth. She chewed, nipped, pulled, and sucked on Jane till she squirmed. Can you cum while I suck your breast, Karen asked? Yes Jane moaned. Karen went back to her breast. She kneaded it with her hands, licked all over it, then went back to her nipple. When she bit her nipple Jane came in a slow cum. God she moaned in a low moan, feels so good darling, as she cupped Karen's head to her breast. When she'd finished cumming Karen got up and went to her bag. She came back with a large strap on dildo. Stand she purred. Jane stood next to the bed. Lift your foot Karen cooed as she slipped the dildo first up one leg, then the other. I want you to fuck me ,she said in a husky voice. Her eyes were glazed as she looked up at Jane. Fuck me good she moaned as she crawled on her back onto the bed. Jane went between her legs and bent down and kissed Karen's breasts, pulling on the rings gently, until Karen started to moan. She sat up and held the dildo at the opening to Karen's pussy and pushed steadily. The dildo sunk in. Karen moaned as it slid in, her hands going to Jane's waist as she started to buck into her. Jane felt new erotic sensations as she fucked this other woman. She liked it. So this is what a man feels like she thought. She got turned on and started to fuck Karen hard. Yes Karen cried out, Fuck Me! She started fucking Karen hard, driving the big dildo into her so that it hit her clit hard with each stroke. She started to pant excitedly. Take it she hissed. Take my big dick. Karen pulled her down into a passionate kiss. When they broke they were both panting and thrusting into each other. Karen cried out, God! Oh God! I'm cumming so g-o-o-o-d. Her body shook and Jane still drove into her. Jane came quickly, and the cum gushed out all over Karen like never before. She was cumming buckets. She was shaking and still trying to fuck her when Buck pulled her off, and roughly pulled off the harness, and tossed it to Karen. Put it on, he growled as he went down into Jane's quivering body. Baby's in a different world, aren't you. Yes she moaned. We're gonna take you higher, he cooed. He came up and pushed his hard cock into Jane's quivering body. Oh God! Jane cried out as she bucked up into him and her head tossed back and forth. His balls slapped against her as she took him all. Buck rolled over taking Jane with him. She started bucking up and down on him like a wild woman. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! She grunted. Now Buck growled. Karen moved behind Jane. Jane turned wild eyed to see Karen coat the dildo with lubricant. You're going to love this Karen purred as she kissed her, then moved behind her and pushed her down on Buck. Buck wrapped his arms firmly around her and hissed in her ear, take it all. Karen pushed the head of the dildo to Jane's ass hole. Jane groaned. She wanted it all. She wanted to feel everything. Karen pushed harder. Jane screamed as the dildo sunk in. Karen held still as Buck slowly fucked her pussy. Relax baby, you'll love it. Slowly Jane started to relax and move. That was Karen's signal. She slowly started to fuck Jane's ass. Jane had never felt anything like it. She could feel the dildo and Buck's cock rubbing against each other. Oh God! She moaned. She started to move as they fucked her in rhythm. Soon they were both fucking her hard. She came and came and came. She tossed her head, grunted and scratched Buck's chest. He pulled and twisted her nipples. She continued to cum. She started to shake and pant heavily. We'd better stop Karen said. No she hollered. Fuck Me! Fuck her hard Buck hissed. They slammed her. As an overwhelming orgasm took her, her eyes rolled and she fainted. When she woke, her head was in Karen's lap and she was wiping her brow with a cool cloth. She heard the TV in the other room. You OK Karen purred as she gently kissed her. Jane responded. She took Karen into a sweet deep passionate kiss. Yes she whispered to her lover as she fell back. That was so intense she sighed. I've never felt anything like it. It's even better when it's two real cocks Karen cooed to her. Is this what its like all the time Jane asked? Yes Karen purred. Unbelievable pleasure and sensations. Will you be there with me, Jane asked? Sometimes Karen cooed. Sometimes you'll find your own thrills, sometimes Buck will take you to a whole different level. The thing is, just let go and enjoy sex like it's meant to be enjoyed. Try everything. You'll love it. They started making love again. Karen had left two hours later, telling Jane to call. Buck had come in a little while later and told her they were going shopping. She'd checked out of the hotel and they went to a place Buck knew about that sold sexy clothes. He'd made her model for him, and the black sales girl. The whole act turned Jane on. He had her buy a short black latex skirt that laced up both sides of her legs. It left her legs bare on both sides. She also found a black, latex bra that barely held her tits in, and a pair of black high heel pumps. The sales girl then sat her down and made up her face. When she was done, Jane looked like a whore on the street. Good Buck said. Let's go. Jane stammered, I ca-ca-ca-can't go out like this. Sure you can, Buck hissed, and you are. They left, with Buck giving her directions. Soon they Interracal Biracial Chat time. We encouraged Zo‘ to taste another woman for the first time, it was incredibly sexy, eating Emma's pussy at the same time as Zo‘... Just wanted to share a true experience with you guys..... I also did a video back home in Grenada Interacial Movies so. She would love to force him to watch her being fucked by Buck and Doc, helpless as they used her body and she went wild. She left a long message on the voice mail, telling him she'd gone into the city to shop and get out of the house, and she'd be home now all day. She thought of Karen and got her number out of her purse. Karen picked up on the second ring. Hi Jane said shyly, its Jane. Karen's voice lighted up. Hi baby. So you survived. Yea Jane mumbled. Did you enjoy it, Karen asked? Yes Jane said meekly. I told you you'd never be the same Karen giggled. Jane smiled. Boy isn't that the truth, she sighed. I'd like to see you Jane said. Me to baby Karen purred. I can't come by till later, say around eight tonight. Jane felt her heart flutter. That would be great she said. She gave Karen her address. They talked a little then said goodbye. Jane felt giddy. She wanted to feel the touch of a woman again. Now she was going to get Karen all to herself. She decided to go sun at the pool and get some rest before tonight. As she put on her normal swimsuit she remembered the string bikini she'd bought and never worn. Bill had said it was to revealing. She went outside sat in the lounge and turned on the radio. She'd put on the string bikini and looked at herself in the mirror. Everything was revealed. It made her feel nasty. She laid back and started to soak up the sun. She heard noise from the yard next door and she got up and peeked over the fence. There was Gina, her young next door neighbor, finishing working in the yard. Hi, Jane cooed. Gina jumped startled. Oh, Jane, you scared me. Sorry Jane purred, just wondered if you like to come jump in the pool to cool off. Boy that sounds good Gina sighed. Let me change and I'll be over. Jane smiled to herself. Gina was young and sexy. Jane went in a did her make-up in a sultry look, put on a pair of high heels, then mixed a batch of margaritas. She felt nasty. She was getting wet. She heard Gina open the gate and she walked out with two margaritas in her hands. Here she said as she handed Gina a drink. Something to cool you off. She drank in Gina's young body. She had on a bikini that showed of her young ripe body. Jane wondered what it would be like to eat her pussy. Jane noticed Gina staring at her. Wow, Gina said, that's some skimpy bikini. Jane looked down at her breasts, yea, I'm not sure it looks good on me. Oh it looks good, Gina said, to Good. God those breasts of yours are unreal. Thanks Jane said as she struck a pose. Just don't let my husband see you in that, Gina said. I'm having enough trouble getting him to notice me these days. He sees you I'll never get his attention. Jane laughed and took her hand and let her over to the lounge chairs. They sat close to each other and drank. The first one went down easy as they talked. Jane refilled the glasses, making sure to walk sexy into the house. She could feel Gina eyes on her. She got hot. She was going to seduce this young sexy woman today, and eat some young pussy. God I'm nasty she thought to herself and smiled. They talked and drank for a long time, Gina confessing she was neglected sexually, and Jane telling her she was also. Gina told her husband was on the road and wouldn't be back for another week. Good Jane purred, we can spend some time together then. She noticed Gina blush. She took her glass and went for more margaritas. When she returned Gina was reclined with her eyes closed. This is nice Gina said as Jane handed her the glass. Yes it is Jane cooed. Can I ask you a question Gina said? Sure, Jane cooed to her. How do you cope with the sexual frustration? Oh there's ways Jane said. I wish you'd show me Gina murmured. Jane's mind raced. Well if you want to know she said, I dance a lot in the house. Dance Gina said quizzically? Sure Jane said as she tipped her glass. Come on, I'll show you. They went into the house. Jane made Gina drink her drink, then poured two more. She went into the living room and drew the drapes. What are you doing Gina said nervously. Creating an atmosphere Jane purred. That's part of the game. She turned on some sexy slow music, then started to dance and swirl around the living room. Go ahead she said to Gina, it'll make you feel good. Gina closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around herself and moved around in the middle of the room. Wish I had a partner she said in a tipsy voice. We can fix that Jane said in a sultry voice as she gently reached for her and moved in close to her body. Jane took Gina's arms and draped them around her neck, then wrapped her arms around Gina's back. Gina's eyes closed as Jane drew her close and danced slowly with her. You were right, Gina murmured, this feels good. I haven't done this since my girlfriend and I in high school used to dance around in her basement and practice our kissing. Like this Jane said softly as she lifted Gina's chin with her hand and gently kissed her on the lips. U-M-M-M Gina sighed as Jane pulled her into a full, deep, kiss. Gina suddenly jerked away and walked across the room with her back to Jane. I think I'd better go she mumbled. Jane came up behind her and put her hands gently on her shoulders. I'm sorry she said, I didn't mean to offend you. You didn't Gina sighed. Jane turned her. Don't worry she said as she lifted her chin. It's alright. Gina smiled a nervous smile at her. Jane bent down and kissed her again. Gina resisted initially then started to respond. Jane started dancing slowly to the sexy saxophone music on the stereo. Gina nervously started to move with her. Jane pulled her closer as she opened her mouth and started to really kiss her. Gina suddenly sighed and gave in. Her mouth opened and they kissed in a deep French kiss. Gina's arms went around Jane's neck and she hungrily responded to Jane warm embrace and wet kisses. When the song ended they held each other with their foreheads touching. I'm shaking Gina said bashfully. That's OK Jane said tenderly. I just wanted you to know I thought you are a beautiful sexy woman, and I wanted you to feel sexy. I do Gina sighed. The music started and Jane started to dance as they stared into each other's eyes. I want to make love to you Jane said softly as she moved in and kissed Gina deeply again. Gina melted into her arms as their bodies melted together. Jane felt her breasts mashing into Gina young body and she started to move her hands over Gina back and up the sides of her body to her breasts. Gina was moaning and hungrily sucking in Jane's tongue. Gina was hot and very sexy, and Jane felt herself getting wet. Jane kissed Gina's neck and up to her ears. Undo my top she whispered in Gina's ear. Gina shakily undid the string behind Jane's neck as Jane reached up and undid hers. Jane leaned back and pulled off Gina's top. Gina did the same with Jane's. You breasts are so beautiful she said as she looked deep into Jane's eyes. Jane pulled her into a deep sensual kiss. Gina wasn't resisting now, as their breasts mashed together and their tongues twirled around in each others mouths. The next song started and Jane stepped back and stripped off her suit. She took Gina's hands and brought them to her breasts. I want you to feel me she whispered. Gina did so in a trance like state. Suck them Jane said softly. Gina leaned forward and took a nipple in her mouth. She was hesitant at first, but as Jane pulled her close she started to enthusiastically suck on Jane's left nipple. Jane grabbed her hand and said, come on we have to do this right. She led her to the bedroom where she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Gina in close. She undid her bottom and removed it along with her top. She then pulled her into her and took one of her pert full breasts in her mouth. Jane sucked on the nipple, and ran her tongue over her breast. Gina's hand went lightly behind Jane's head. God Yes she sighed. That feels so good. It's been so long. Jane gently pulled her down on the king size bed with her. Their bodies intertwined as they kissed passionately. They broke their kiss and Jane stroked Gina beautiful face. I'm so nervous Gina said shyly. I've never done anything like this. I hadn't either till two days ago, Jane said smiling tenderly at her young lover. Enjoy it she said as she kissed her cheeks and eyes. It's wonderful and so fulfilling. Jane's mouth dropped to Gina's breasts where she licked, sucked, and nibbled on her. Jane's hand went to Gina's pussy as Gina moaned loudly. She was already wet. Jane got on her hands and knees next to Gina, and dangled her breasts in Gina's face. Gina eagerly started sucking on Jane's breasts, as Jane's hand ran back down to Gina's clit. Gina was moaning steadily as Jane stroked her. Gina's one hand went to Jane's breast and the other went between her legs to Jane's pussy. UM-M-M-M-M Jane moaned as her hand explored her still swollen pussy. God I love it she whispered. Gina started to whimper, and Jane looked at her face. God, she's going to cum already Jane realized. Jane inserted two fingers in Gina's sopping pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Gina threw her head back. A-A-A-Agh Gina cried out as her pussy flooded with her juices. Jane kept fingering her as she shook. Gina's hand gripped Jane's pussy hard. Jane's pussy convulsed and she came. Oh God Gina cried out as she suddenly squirted cum out all over the sheets and soaked Jane's hand. Oh God baby, Jane exclaimed, cum, cum for me. Gina started to sob as her pussy shot cum out over and over again. Jane quickly went between Gina's legs and started to lick her pussy. Gina grabbed her hair and tried to stop her. Oh God no, I can't take it she sobbed. Jane ignored her and gently lapped her pussy lips, her legs, and the inside of her pussy. Gina collapsed back on the bed moaning. Oh God she moaned. Gradually she recovered as Jane washed her with her tongue. Gina got on her elbows and looked down at her. Let me make love to you she purred. I want to please you. I want you to cum like I did. I want to taste you. Jane moved up her body and they kissed passionately. Gina gently pushed Jane on her back and started licking down her body. Gina was very sexual, and she turned into a sexual animal as she went down to Jane's breasts. So beautiful she murmured as she sucked on Jane. Her hand went down to Jane's pussy and expertly rubbed Jane's clit until Jane was sighing . Oh Yes Gina rasped as she went down Jane's body to her pussy. She gently licked the folds and explored her mound with her tongue. Jane's tender pussy was alive with wonderful sensations. Yes baby Jane sighed. Make love to me. Gina dove in and started to tongue Jane's pussy with abandon. Jane was shocked. She started to hump into Gina's face. Gina's arms snaked around Jane's legs and held her firm to her face. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God Jane cried out as her orgasm exploded out of her, cum flooding Gina's mouth and running down Jane's legs to her ass. Put your fingers in me Jane screamed as she threw her head back and groaned. Gina thrust three fingers deep in side her. Jane came again. She shook and thrashed as Gina held her firm and made her cum over and over again. Enough Jane cried out. I can't take anymore. Gina eased up slowly letting both of them come back to earth. Jane pulled Gina up into a warm sweet kiss, as they tasted each other's juices and licked and kissed each others faces. That was wonderful Gina sighed. I know Jane purred. You're wonderful, and so sexy. Gina cuddled into Jane's arms. Hold me she cooed. They lay quietly together for a while. I've never cum like that before Gina whispered into Jane's breast, then kissed it. I want to make you cum even more Jane cooed. Will you let me be your lover? Forever Gina said as she looked up at Jane. Jane was so taken she started to cry. She kissed Gina deeply and they made love again. Black Pussy the time and she couldn't wait to get back to the ships to fuck. One particular time we were in the cabin of a mutual friend together with one of her dancer friends Zo‘. My friend put on a porno, there was a segment where two women were Nikita Denise Mandingo The sensation was overwhelming. She started to shake. Oh Sweet Jesus she cried out as she came all over him. She started fucking him back. Cum in my ass she hissed. Cum in me my pretty baby. He tensed as she bounced on him taking him deep, and shot another load deep into her bowls. She held him tight to her chest, as he unloaded in her. She was in heaven. This boy had made her feel like a complete and sexy woman. She came down and kissed him deeply, their tongues twirling around one another as he continued to cum in her. They lay still kissing each other all over. He looked into her eyes. I don't want to let you go he said meekly. Me either she said as she kissed his cheek. Would you like my phone number she asked? Yes he said. I don't do this for a living she confessed. I'm only out here on a lark she sighed. Why, he asked. I'm frustrated she replied as she looked deep into his eyes. We'll have to fix that he said. Do you think you can handle me she giggled. I can sure try he said. What's your name she purred to him as she kissed him. Mark he replied. Mark Richardson. My real name is Jane she said as she looked at him and smiled. They slowly cleaned up. Then as she stared at his cock she knew she wanted to taste him. Before he could pull up his pants she stroked him, then went down on his hardening cock. Once more she pleaded. Give me your cum. He moaned and laid back as she stroked his monster as she sucked the head in as deep as she could. She was going faster and faster, getting more turned on by the second, when all of a sudden he shot into her mouth. She swallowed greedily. She loved the taste and she was turned on again. She came up in a daze. U-M-M-M she exclaimed as she ran her tongue over her lips. He brought her into a deep kiss as she sighed. They broke. She stared at him. I don't want to go, but I have to or they'll think something happened to me. He helped her dress, and she watched him tuck his cock back in his pants. She sighed. She was hotter now than 30 minutes ago. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote her phone number. This is my daytime phone number. Call soon. Don't worry about that he said as he smiled. When they arrived back, she kissed him on the cheek. Thank you Mark, I had a wonderful time. Me to he said with a smile. He handed her $200. You don't need to do that she said. I want to he replied and smiled. She got out. She looked after him as he pulled away. Where you been girl, Kiki said as she came up behind her. Having fun with a young one Jane purred. Took you long enough, Kiki replied in a huff. I was worried sick. She touched her friends arm. Thank you she said. I've made $300 so far though, Jane said. Damn girl, Kiki exclaimed. What are you doing to these guys. Showing my tits she said as she laughed. Kiki couldn't help but smile. They kissed lightly. OK, let's get some more woman she said. CHAPTER EIGHT They'd been walking back and forth for 30 minutes and Jane was still hot from her last encounter. She was definitely going to see more of that young man. The thought of his huge cock in her ass excited her. She'd actually taken it. Kiki was leaning into a Mercedes talking. She called to her. Jane walked over. Kiki stood up and said softly, Valerie, these guys want some one to go back to their house and party. There willing to pay you $500 if you want to go. She looked in. Two black men smiled at her. One she recognized as a professional basketball player. She looked at Kiki. They want to double fuck you, Kiki whispered. Double fuck Jane asked, lost in the term. One in you ass an one in your pussy at the same time, and they want you. OK Jane said, excited. Call me when you get there Kiki said as she got in the car, and let me know everything's alright. OK Jane said sweetly. They pulled away. The man on the passenger side turned and looked at her. Damn woman, how big are them titties. 42E Jane giggled. Would you like to see them she said as she popped her bra. Her bra flew off and her tits bounced out. Jesus, was all the guy could manage to say said. Jane started to caresses her breasts. She felt bold. So, you guys want to double fuck me, she cooed? Y-Y-Yea the guy in front stammered. Do you have big cocks she said coyly. Damn right the driver said, Good Jane giggled, I like them big. How far she asked. About 15 minutes the driver said. How about you crawling back here so I can see your cock she said boldly to the passenger. He was over in a flash. Hey! The driver said, no fair. Fuck you Bro the other one said as he grabbed Jane's tits in his hands roughly. She reached for his pants and undid them. She pulled out his cock as he took her nipple in his mouth. UM-M-M-M she moaned as she stroked his cock. He was good sized, but not as big as Doc, Buck, or, she thought dreamily, Mark. The cock in her hand was rock hard. She imagined it in her ass, and Mark's in her pussy at the same time. She closed her eyes and let the feeling overtake her. We're here a voice said, breaking into her dream state. She looked up at a beautiful house. She was hot. She needed some real hot action. She was worked up. She got out of the car without her top, and walked to the door. The guys hurried to catch-up. Damn came the expression behind her. They opened the door and she stepped in to a beautifully decorated home. She strutted around as she undid her skirt ties. Gorgeous she remarked. Sure is the one man said staring at her. She laughed. I mean the house silly. I mean you he said as he went to her. I been going crazy in that front seat he said as he pulled her close and started to caress her breasts. Now these are some breasts, he cooed. Thank you she purred as she stroked the front of his pants. Lets get you guys naked, she giggled as she pulled away and went to a bar stool, sat and watched as they hurriedly removed there cloths. They were so anxious. What are your names she purred as she played with herself. I'm Karem the driver said. I'm Marcus the other said. Whose house she asked? Mine Karem said. Have you got some sheets you can spread on the floor and some Olive oil she cooed. Yea he replied. Get it she said. He got up and went off and Jane beckoned Marcus with her finger. I want to suck that cock of yours she cooed as she drooped on her knees in front of the stool. He walked over and spread his legs as his rock hard cock came in front of her open mouth. She greedily sucked it in. She was hot now, and she wanted cock. Karem came back in. Hey., I want some. Jane turned and thrust Marcus's cock into her pussy as she bent over. He started fucking her as she reached for Karem. Come here baby she cooed. His cock was thick and about ten inches. She greedily sucked it down her throat. He started fucking her mouth as Marcus fucked her pussy. She felt good. She loved it. Karem pulled out of her mouth, and stepped back. Whew, he moaned. You're gonna make me cum to soon woman. Marcus slowed. I gotta slow to he panted. Jane walked to the sheets and spread them on the floor. She stripped completely, and started rubbing the oil on her body. Give me some good music she purred to Karem. You got it baby. She started dancing to the music as she oiled her body. She was getting really turned on watching them slowly stroke themselves as they stared wide eyed at her. She twirled and turned, she bent over and spread her ass open, then her pussy. She played with her tits, and pulled her breast up so she could suck her own nipple. She dropped to the floor and spread her legs as she leaned back. She took her shoe and started inserting the pointed toe into her pussy. It slid in easily three inches. She threw her head back and moaned. She looked at the guys and said, well, are you going to double fuck me or not. They rushed to join her on the sheets. She rubbed oil into their hard bodies as they pawed her breasts and ass. She had a hold of both their cocks and was stroking them when Marcus laid down, his cock sticking up like a gleaming flag pole. She climbed on him and guided his cock into her pussy, moaning as it slid in to the hilt. He started slowly fucking her. Babe, you got one hot pussy he groaned as he humped into her. His cock felt slippery and hot in her raw pussy. Come on she grunted. You guys will be the first to double fuck me. No way Karem said behind her. Yep she moaned, now give it to me, I can't wait any longer. Karem's cock started to push into her ass. How different it was now. She wanted it. She wasn't afraid, and she knew how to open herself for him. With the oil, and the stretching Mark's cock had done earlier, she took him easily. The feeling was fantastic. Two cocks filled her. She could feel them rubbing each other through the membrane separating her pussy and ass hole. She started to grunt as their slippery bodies bounced in unison, Oh Yea! Oh god Yes! Fuck! Give it to me! Fuck me good! Give that black cock! I love it, she cried out! They started to fuck her hard. The feeling was unbelievable. She loved sex. She knew that now, and she was never going to go without again. She was going to get all she could, and the bigger the cock and the sweeter the pussy, the better. Suck my titties she cried out. Marcus took a nipple in his mouth. Suck it hard baby she hissed to him as she bucked into the two cocks filling her holes. I want you to cum in my face she blurted out without thinking. The two men were groaning and she knew they were close. Karem pulled out off her ass suddenly, making her gasp. He jumped up in front of her. She leaned her head back, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out. Cum shot into her waiting mouth and on to her hair and face. She groaned as she rubbed the cum into her face with her hand and pushed big globs back into her mouth. She started to cum. She was jerking when Marcus got out from underneath her and got on his feet in front of her. Her one hand dug at her pussy, while the other rubbed oil into her heaving breasts, and cum into her face. He shot like a hose all over her face and down her throat. He shoved his cock in her mouth and she greedily sucked it dry as cum ran off her cheeks and matted her hair. She kept sucking him. Get hard for me, I need more she gasped between sucks. Karem came over and she alternated between cocks as she greedily sucked on them. She leaned back, looking at both cocks. Get hard for me guys, she coaxed. Damn, you're one hot bitch, Karem exclaimed. The hottest she purred. They were getting hard again, and she was still cumming. Oh Yea, she sighed as the cocks got hard in her hand. Now, You guys can do something I want to do. She pulled Marcus down on his back, and straddled him. I want both your cocks in my pussy she cooed as she sat on Marcus's cock and took it to the hilt. Lady's a nasty one Karem said as he got behind her. He oiled his cock as she leaned forward and gave him access. He slowly pushed his cock in next to Marcus's cock. Oh God, she hissed. Yea, stretch my pussy wide. Fuck me good she grunted. Come on, give it to me boys. Fuck me she cried out as they started to stroke all the way in and out together. Wild Karen mumbled. I want you to cum in my face again, Jane grunted, as they thrust into her. Fuck, fuck, fuck, she grunted. Oh Yea, Fuck Me she hissed. Her pussy felt raw and exposed, and stretched to the max, and she loved it. They were all panting and groaning when Karem pulled out, and pulled her off Marcus. She got on her knees and shoved four fingers in her cunt as she leaned back, tilted her head, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out again. She liked cum shooting into her face. The hot feeling of it. The smell of it. The taste on her tongue. They were both beating off over her face when they started to cum. They shot almost at the same time.
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