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Black Dick Blowjobs Nikita Denise Mandingo I got to shoot Shame's gun today. He took me to the furthest corner of our property so that pa wouldn't hear the gunshots. It made me feel ten feet tall to shoot such a powerful weapon. I was awkward, but in Shame's hands, it was an extension of his body. Afterwards, Shame ruffled my hair and we rode back to the house. Shame's presence made me feel safe, safer then I did with pa. Bodie's men definitely left us alone whenever Shame was around. "Run along now boy, I got work to do," said Shame mussing my hair with his big hand. "Aw, alright," I said kicking the dirt as I handed him back the revolver. Reluctantly, I began the long walk back home. I passed my sister on the way. She was in one of her moods and ignored me. ******************** Shame looked up at the hot sun and grinned. It was bath time. He hopped on his horse and galloped along the edge of the property towards the spring. As he approached the spring, he dismounted and led his horse through the bush. Mary was just lowering herself into the spring. The young girl was a vision. She was the spitting image of her mother only twenty years younger. Mary's skin was unmarred and tanner then her mother's, from her excursions to the watering hole. Her breasts were nearly as large as Hetty's already. They were big and proud with long, upthrust nipples. Her bush was as blonde as her hair, but Shame already knew this, he had been watching her for a week. Shame watched her for an hour. The girl liked to swim and wash her hair. After bathing, she would lie nude in the sun and let her hair dry. Once, Shame had even watched her experiment with touching herself. The girl was just emerging from the spring when the cowboy walked out of the bushes. He was leading his horse, another mounted cowboy followed him. Mary screamed when she saw them. The walking cowboy moved swiftly, grabbing Mary around the waist. "Whoa, lookie here at this pretty filly," he said pawing at her breasts. "Save some for me, Slim," said the mounted cowboy. Slim was straining to hold the struggling girl while he fumbled at his trousers. He had just freed his erect, dirty penis when the slippery, wet girl wiggled free and dived in the water. Shame was out of the bushes in seconds. He grabbed the mounted cowboys boot and heaved him over the side of the horse. Slim was just realizing he was in danger as Shame's fist slammed into his face. The cowboy fell back, tripped over his trousers and fell into the spring. The other cowboy was getting off the ground in time to get Shame's boot in his face. Shame returned to Slim as the man was trying to lift himself up out of the water. Shame placed his boot on the man's back and pushed him back down in the water. He held slim under for about half a minute before picking the man up and heaving him over towards his partner. "Get the fuck off this land," said Shame standing between the cowboys and Mary. The other cowboy went for his gun while Slim tried to pull his pants up. The cowboy's gun hadn't even left the holster when he saw the black man's revolver pointed at him. He froze and moved his hand away from his gun. "If I see you two assholes anywhere around here again, I'll kill you." The cowboys were red-faced as they mounted their horses. Slim spit in Shame's direction and rode off. Mary flew out of the water and into Shame's arms as soon as they were gone. She clung to him, shivering with fear as she cried into his chest. Shame holstered his gun and wrapped his arms around the scared naked girl. He held her like that for close to an hour before she had calmed down. "Thank god, you came along when you did," said Mary finally letting him go. She seemed suddenly conscious of her nudity. "I was just riding along the property line when I heard you scream," he lied. "Are you hurt?" "I don't think so," said Mary blushing as she backed up. She held an arm across her breasts to hide them. "I've got to make sure you're ok," said Shame grabbing the startled girl. She gasped as he pulled her arm down. Shame caressed her big left breasts, his fingers twirling the nipple between them. "Does this hurt?" he asked smirking as the nipple turned rock hard. "N-no," she stuttered. "How about this?" he asked moving on to her other breast. She shook her head and he turned her sideways, running one hand down her slim, flat belly and the other down her back. "Any bruises here?" "N-no sir," she replied breathing heavily. Shame kneeled as one hand slid over her bush and the other grabbed an ass cheek. "You look fine," he said. His skillful finger slipped between her thighs and along her slit. She jumped as the tip of his finger slipped into her pussy. Soon his dry finger was wet as her juices started flowing. "Any pain here?" asked Shame. "N-none sir," said Mary. She was moaning and her hips were starting to thrust forward into his finger. "Then you appear fine," said Shame. He stood up and turned around so that she could get dressed. Mary stared wide eyed at Shame's back. She was panting and her entire body felt alive. She wanted his finger back, but the girl just bent over to get dressed. ******************** I never saw such a hubbub as when Shame rode up to the house with Mary sitting before him, crying into his chest. Mother went into hysterics when she heard about Mary and she escorted my sister upstairs to her room. Pa seemed to fight a great conflict within himself. He would stare at the rifles in their case then shake his head. His hands were shaking. "I'm a man of god Shame," said Pa. "I can't harm my fellow man, though forgive me lord, but if I had been there...." Pa put his head into his hands and started Nikita Denise Mandingo that's my favorite name. Being the typical little-dick white guy (specifics on request!) I became quite good at bringing Kate to orgasm with my hands. During these sessions, we'd weave fantasies, some built on reality. And the most powerful one, the one that always brought a shattering, screaming orgasm centered on Kate's one experience with a black man. She was in her twenties and did work that sometimes required travel. In the course of that work she met a black man in a distant city, and they became friends. Let's call Crossdressing Cuckold Blacks On Blondes Vids turn to caress him. She ran her dainty little hand all over the ridges on his chest. Her little white hand stood out against his dark black skin, the contrast between their skin was almost as fascinating as his penis, which was lying flat against his stomach. It covered his navel and it seemed to leap up each time she brought her hand down close to it. "Can I touch it?" "It await's your pleasure, Miss Mary." Mary grabbed his shaft near the base amazed that there was still two inches between her fingers. She slid her hand down between his legs. His testicles were big and heavy, not as big as a bulls, but close. She hefted them in her hand, surprised at the weight. Mary released his testicles and ran her hand back up the shaft. She grabbed the tip and pulled his foreskin down. Watching the big plum-sized head of his penis emerge fascinated her, so she began stroking it, watching the head appear and disappear. Amazingly it seemed to grow even thicker as she stroked it and wetness appeared around his pee-slit. "Oh Shame, why's your penis leaking?" "It's called pre-cum Miss Mary," he said. "It helps lubricate a cock before fuckin." "Cock?" "What a black man calls his penis." "What's Fuckin?" she asked still stroking his cock. "What a black man calls fornicatin." "Shame," she asked, "Would you fuck me? I want you to make me a woman." "I'd be honored Miss Mary," he said sitting up. "Are you sure?" Mary nodded, but she was trembling from nervousness. "You make me feel safe." "It'll hurt the first time and I promise to be gentle. After that I guarantee you'll fall in love with my cock," he said. Mary nodded again. She was already half in love with Shame. She had crushes on men before, but none were as powerful as the feelings she felt towards the black man. Shame climbed on top of her and kissed her again. He moved his mouth down to her neck, then her chest. Mary was gasping as he kissed down her breast and she felt a surge of pleasure when he closed his lips over her nipple. His kisses turned to licks and he ran his tongue all around her nipple, then across her body to her other breast. He moved from her breasts, down her ribs, leaving behind two sensitive, engorged, hard nipples. His tongue slid down her belly and into her navel. She sucked her stomach in at his touch, he made her whole body feel alive. He left her belly, his head moving down under her navel. "What are you doing sir?" "I'm making sure you're well lubricated," he said licking down the side of her pubic hair. "There'll be less pain if you're ready for me." He licked down the other side. Mary's whole body spasmed when he licked between her legs. Ma had never said anything about this. Shame's tongue worked it's way into her vagina, he began licking up and down. She was raising her hips with each upward thrust of his tongue wanting him in deeper. He moved up to the tip and waves of pleasure shot up from her vagina. His tongue flickered rapidly over the tip which seemed to be growing as did the pleasure coming out of her vagina. It kept growing until it was just at the point she thought she couldn't take any more and her vagina seemed to explode. Her entire body was overwhelmed with pleasure as she screamed in ecstasy. "Now you should be well lubricated," he said kissing his way back up. "W-what just happened," she said staring wide-eyed up at the cloudy blue sky. The area between her legs was soaked. "You just came," he said kissing her breasts again. "Women often cum when they have their pussys licked. Did you like it?" "Uh-huh," she replied still shocked at the intensity of the feeling that had just permeated her body. "Good," said Shame arching his back until the head of his cock was resting between her legs. "My big cock will give you lots of orgasms in the future." The head of his cock rested against her pussy, which opened for it as he pushed it in. Just the head felt like it would rip her apart, it was so big. She started to have second thoughts, but it was too late. Shame was pulling his hips back to begin the thrust that would make her a woman. Mary winced and bit her lip as he gave the short thrust that took her maidenhead. After taking her virginity, Shame wiggled his hips trying to work more cock inside her. Each inch hurt, but her love for Shame was such that she supressed the pain. He only managed to get about half his cock inside her and then he began slowly sliding it in and out. The pain had faded a little, but her pussy was still sore as he fucked her. Mary arched her neck and kissed his chest. As the pain faded, she was able to explore her other emotions. She felt safe and secure crushed underneath his body. Mary had always been a bit of a loner, but she felt a deep sense of belonging impaled on the end of Shame's cock. Small waves of pleasure were begining to permeat her body and then the pain returned as his cock seemed to grow even thicker. It jerked in her pussy and she moaned as his hot seed struck deep into her womb. Mary winced as Shame pulled is cock out. It was hard, glistening, and rampant. He pulled it out in time for her to watch several long strands of sperm shoot out of the end to land on her belly and breasts. "Will you come keep an eye on me again tommorrow?" she asked watching sperm dripping from his cock. "That would be my pleasure Miss Mary." ******************** "Mary, are you alright?" asked Ma. I looked over at my sister. She was walking around all bowlegged, like when you ride a horse for a long time. "I'm fine," said Mary sitting down to dinner. "I just twisted an ankle." Both mother and my sister stared worshipfully at Debbie Dial Blacks On Cougars

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Black White Dating Sites Cumbang Tube Kate always said, Woody walked directly over to her and started taking her clothes off. Breathless with desire, and overcome by the blatant sexual power of this act, Kate could say nothing. Woody simply removed every article of clothing she was wearing until she was sitting there completely naked and entirely vulnerable. Normally in this situation what happens is the man kisses the woman. But that's not what happened, and this is what always made it so powerfully erotic for Kate. Without saying a word, Woody Cuckold Strapon Big Black Dick Tube in her pussy the minute Shame walked in for breakfast. All through the meal, a dumb grin kept breaking out on her face. Luckily, Elijah took credit for her good mood. Her husband had rolled on top of her early in the morning, poking his little penis into her. "Squeeze your legs together, I can't feel a thing," he had grumbled. Thankfully, it gave her an excuse for all the sperm between her legs. Her pussy had leaked sperm for hours after she left Shame. The men had to go round up some stray cattle so they were gone most of the day. Mary was still upset and stayed in her room. Finally, the poor girl ate a little something when Hetty took her dinner up to her. The itch in her pussy returned, the minute she snuck into the barn and saw Shame sitting naked on the cot. He moved the bedroll over to the straw and laid down. Hetty started sucking him off without saying a word. "Isn't your hand healed?" asked Shame the minute she had deep throated his cock. "Yes, sir," she replied, reluctantly taking her lips of his shaft. "You don't have to blow me anymore then. You can go back to just giving me a hand job." Hetty hadn't thought about it. She was quite content sucking him off, feeling his hot cock pulse in her mouth, and the feeling of satisfaction she felt when her mouth filled with his sperm. It wasn't something she was ready to give up. When she spoke, it was from the heart, "I don't mind, sir. I'll do whatever pleases you." "It would please me ma'am, if I could fuck you again." Her mind and body both screamed, 'yes,' but Hetty couldn't risk it again. She was pretty sure it had been safe last night and would probably still be safe tonight, but discretion ruled. "I'm sorry Shame. I don't think we can ever do that again." "Well, if I can't fuck you again, at least climb up here so I can suck on them big titties." That was a reasnable request and she obeyed, but it turned out to be a big mistake. As she climbed up his body, his cock slid right between her legs. her pussy soaked his shaft, to the point it felt like he had cum again. Hetty wanted him inside her and Shame leaning up, gently sucking a nipple between his teeth only made it worse. She found she was sliding her slit along his cock. "Why don't you just let me put the head in?" he whispered. Hetty's eyes were closed as she nodded her head. "Ok, just don't cum in me." She squatted up as he held his cock up and she slowly lowered herself over the head, sighing as her pussy lips closed around it. Hetty slowly raised and lowered herself over the head. Each downward thrust taking a little more of his cock until she was riding about five inches. Hetty felt an orgasm approaching and increased her pace until it exploded from her womb. The orgasm made her legs weak and Hetty collapsed, impaling herself on all twelve inches of Shame's cock. Each inch seemed to prolong her orgasm until she couldn't take the pleasure anymore and collapsed on his chest. When she recovered, Shame had turned her over and was rapidly pounding his cock into her. She wrapped her legs around his back and began raising her hips into his thrusts. "Do you like my cock ma'am," he grunted. "Oh god, I love it," said Hetty through gritted teeth. "Tell me to fuck you." "Fuck me Shame, fuck me," she moaned. "Do you like it's size?" "Yes," she screamed having a small orgasm. "I love your big cock. Fuck me with your big cock." "Only black cock's get this big," he said hunching over to kiss her neck. "Fuck me with your big black cock Shame. I love your black cock." Hetty came again. She enjoyed talking dirty. "Oh god, fuck me." He lost control and shot his first wad deep into her pussy, only pulling out in time to shoot his third wad all over her belly and breasts. Hetty couldn't control herself and rubbed his semen into her body with her hands before licking them clean. Her wanton lust for his seed had his cock reversing course as it hardened again. "Want to go again?" he asked. She was already turning over so he could fuck her doggy style again. ******************** Mary looked up in fear at the sound of the approaching horse. Her fear evaporated when she saw Shame, but there was still a flutter in her stomach. It had been a little over a week since the cowboys had attacked her. She had been too scared to come back to the spring, washing herself at home in the basin. Eventually, she had grown to miss her baths and gotten up the courage to come back to her swimming hole. "Why Shame," she said lowering herself in the water up to her neck, "what are you doing here?" "I saw you coming out here Miss Mary and thought I had better check on you." "You were worried about me?" she asked. She was really starting to feel funny. Her nipples were hard and she could feel her heart beating as she remembered him running his hands all over her body to see if she was hurt. "I was worried. It ain't safe for a beautiful girl like you to be out here alone." An excited shiver ran down her spine when he called her beautiful. "You're right Shame, maybe you could stay and keep an eye on me?" she asked. Funny but this was her private time. The one time of the day when she felt free of her family and chores. She valued thie time more then anything, but she wanted Shame to stay. "I'd be happy to keep an eye on you," said Shame getting off his horse. He took off his hat and wiped the sweat of his brow. "It sure is a hot one." Mary stared at him a moment, her mind racing. "W-why don't you join me?" "I'd love to Miss Mary, but I can't swim." "The water's not that deep and I can keep you afloat where it is." "Alright then," said Shame Black Cock Chasers Interracial Gangbang Thumbs senses. Before closing I have two questions I'd like to pose. First, how many are familiar with black XXX-film star Jake Steed? Even if you don't know the name you may be familiar with his large curved cock. I've seen him with lots of women in these films, and I love to watch him. He's got a wonderful mix of gentleness and overpowering raw sexuality. I describe him as simply being very good with women. I've never seen a woman yet who didn't obviously like (and enjoy) him. Anyway, I wonder if any husbands Blacks On Blondes Dp few seconds. "What do we do?" shouted someone. "Ride to Cheyenne and get the marshall." "Nope, Jake drew first. The gunslinger was just defending himself. The men returned home dejected. Shame went out to the barn and retrieved his pistol. He turned around in time to see Caleb heading towards the house. "Pa, pa," cried Caleb. "Shame's got his gun." Elijah came out of the house just as Shame was mounting up. The rifle was sticking out of his saddle bag and his things were rolled up. He looked just like he had the day he rode up. "Shame, this is my fight," said Elijah. Shame dismounted. "Elijah, if you ride into town, you'll be as dead as Jake is." "I'm a man of god, Shame, but there's only so much a man can take. I'm coming with you." "Elijah," said Shame. "I ain't the man you think I am, but I do like you and I don't want you killed." Elijah was just starting to reply when Shame's beefy fist came up under his jaw. The farmer hit the ground hard. Shame mounted up again as Hetty ran out of the house and up to her husband. "Ma'am," he said nodding at her as he rode towards town. ******************** Pa was just coming around as ma held up his head. I ran out of the house and watched Shame ride off. I started walking after him. "Caleb, you get back here," called Hetty. I didn't listen and began running after Shame. ******************** Bodie and his men were at the saloon. Shame's boots echoed on the floor boards as he entered the building and everyone went quiet. Bodie was sitting at a table towards the end of the saloon, surrounded by Slim and some other cowboys. Braddock was sitting alone at another table. "Shame," he greeted as the black man walked past. Shame nodded and continued on towards Bodie. Bodie looked up at him. "Is it done?" he asked. "Yep," said Shame. "I done knocked her up and the daughter too." "Gawd damn," yelled Slim looking a Shame with hatred in his eyes. "Slim wanted the girl for himself," said Bodie calmly. "You were a little rough on him." "He was a little rough on the girl. He was just supposed to scare her." Bodie nodded, reached in his pocket and pulled out a bag. "It's all there," he said tossing it to Shame. Shame looked in the bag. Five hundred dollars to give Hetty a baby. Elijah was the natural leader of all the homesteaders. When his wife gave birth to a little black bastard, he would become the town laughing stock. Bodie could then take over his land as well as that of the other homesteaders. "One more thing Bodie," said Shame. " Don't kill him." Bodie paused for a moment and then nodded, he had what he wanted. "Drinks all around," shouted Bodie with delight. Shame turned around and left the saloon. ******************** "Shame," I cried. Startled, Shame turned around and saw me standing there outside the saloon. "Did you kill 'em? I didn't hear gunfire." Shame looked grim when he said, "A man is what he is Caleb. Someday you'll understand." He then mounted his horse and turned it. I knew he wasn't going back to our house. "Oh Shame, don't go," I yelled trying to follow him. "Shame come back. Shame......" I could hear Bodie's men laughing from the saloon as I collapsed crying while Shame rode off. ******************** Some months later, I got a brother and became an uncle within weeks of each other. My brother had skin as dark as Shame. My nephew's skin was a little more milky colored. The bastards humiliated my pa and Bodie moved in on our land, destroying everything pa had built. My pa and I both ended up working for Bodie driving his cattle. My ma and pa stayed together. At first, pa had been furious with ma, but they came to some kind of agreement. They spent a lot of time together in their bunkhouse on Bodie's ranch and both seemed happy for a while, though ma would stare wistfully down the road Shame had appeared on from time to time. Pa took most of his frustration out on my sister and he drove her away. She became the town whore, servicing Bodie's cowboys for $5.00 a lay from a room at the saloon. Slim blew a lot of his money on her. Unfortunately, Pa had been right and the days off the free range rancher were over. More homesteaders came until Bodie just gave up and retired with his fortunes. Homesteaders even moved in on our old land. Being jobless, I decided to move on. Pa was a worthless drunk then and ma had lost all her looks. I didn't even say goodbye to them though I did stop to see my sister. She said, she'd quit whoring when she found the man who could satisfy her. She was about thirty then, but looked ten years older. It was then that I decided to go after Shame. He was easy to find. I just followed the trail of black children. They got younger as I closed in on him. Finally, near the dawn of a new century, I found him in a small town in Utah. I knew I was getting close. The half-breed baby in the last town had been less then a year old. I crested a ridge and looked down on a ranch. Shame was there talking to a young women as he mended a fence. The sunlight reflected off his black skin and his now silver hair. As I stared down at my old hero, all the hatred fled me. I didn't hate Shame, he had turned me into a man. I grew tough defending my little black relatives and working for Mr Bodie, roughing up homesteaders. Without Shame, I would have grown up a dirt farmer, afraid of defending myself like father. I turned away from him and rode off in the direction of the setting sun. "A man is what he is," Shame had said to me. Well Shame was what he was. He rode into our town in the summer of '89. He turned a boy into a man and left behind him what he was....Shame. The End Blacks On Cougars Misty Vonage that's my favorite name. Being the typical little-dick white guy (specifics on request!) I became quite good at bringing Kate to orgasm with my hands. During these sessions, we'd weave fantasies, some built on reality. And the most powerful one, the one that always brought a shattering, screaming orgasm centered on Kate's one experience with a black man. She was in her twenties and did work that sometimes required travel. In the course of that work she met a black man in a distant city, and they became friends. Let's call Nikita Denise Mandingo Shame all through dinner. They both adored him, as did I. He was my hero. "Haven't had much trouble from Bodie lately," said Shame. "I hear tell he's down in Cheyenne on business," said pa looking up from his plate. "Rode out of town the day you saved Mary. 'haps he was scared you'd come after him." "Perhaps," said Shame. ******************** "Why so glum?" asked Shame. "I want your cock so bad," said Hetty pulling off her shift, "but it's too risky now." He was standing by the basin where he washed off the days dust. Hetty walked over to him and hefted his already hard cock. "Shame, are you alright?" she said. "There's blood crusted on your cock." "I was just about to clean it off," said Shame. "Nothing to worry about, just a nick from a bush." He cleaned his cock off and sat on the cot. He spread his legs and she took her rightful place on her knees between them. "Assume the position," he ordered after she had sucked on his cock for about fifteen minutes. "We can't fuck any more," she said even as her body was obeying him. She got down on her hands and knees facing away so he could fuck her doggy style. "It's just too risky." He had fucked her every day since the first time. They tried to fight it, but his cock always found it's way inside her pussy. Shame reached under the cot and pulled out the old jar of honey. She looked over her shoulder as he coated his cock with honey and then started rubbing honey around her rectum, pushing his finger in a little as he coated it. "Shame what are you doing?" He didn't answer her. The last couple times they had fucked, Shame had worked his thumb into her ass. It shocked her at first, but soon felt wonderful. His thumb was nearly as big as Elijah's penis. It felt like she was being doubly fucked and it triggered some of her biggest orgasms. Hetty felt his thumb poking at her ass again, then realized it was too big. She looked over her shoulder to see Shame pushing down on his cock as the big head rested on her rectum. "Jesus no, not there. Don't fuck me there. You'll rip me apart." Shame was not to be denied. Hetty felt her ass open wide and slowly close over the head of Shame's cock. Pain shot up her body. It reminded her of child birth, pushing something too big through something too small. She suppressed it in her desire to please him. This was her fault after all for denying him her pussy. The pain faded for a moment only to resume as the thick part just under the head entered her. Just when she didn't think she could stretch any further, it was in. The rest of his cock was easy. He held it buried in her ass letting her get used to it. She still felt over stuffed, but the pain was fading. The honey had helped and if he hadn't prepared her with his thumb previously, she probably couldn't have taken it. He began to move after a while, slowly sliding his cock out and pushing it back in. She let out an involuntary moan as her body started to respond to this unnatural way of fucking. Always the generous lover, Shame reached between her leg and began stroking her pussy. His talented finger soon triggered a series of orgasms. "Oh god, fuck my ass," she cried. "Fuck my ass with your big black cock." Talking dirty had become a habit with her and came natural now. "You like it?" he asked. "I love it," she moaned pushing her ass back into his cock and wiggling it around. "Oh Hetty, I wish I had met you twenty years ago. Your body was built for big cock." "I wish so too," she moaned. If she had married Shame, she would have had twenty years worth of orgasms. Instead, she was stuck with boring old Elijah. Shame pounded her hard until his cock swelled. It jerked, filling her ass with sperm. She moaned as Shame quickly pulled his cock out, but he shoved it into her pussy. She had another orgasm as his last few wads of cum sprayed her womb. He pulled out and rested his cock on her ass cheeks for a moment before standing and moving back to his cot. She could feel her ass slowly closing, forcing his sperm out to run down her crack. She would have to spend a few minutes squatting over the chamber pot to get all his cum out. Hetty threw her shift back on. She had added sodomy to her list of sins with Shame, but if these sins were wrong, how come they felt so good? ********************** Mary looked up from her book as Shame rode up. She was lying nude under her shade tree after taking her swim. "I was worried you weren't coming." "I was stuck with your father branding some calves. Every moment away from you was unbearable, Miss Mary." The young woman stood up with joy and ran over to him as he dismounted. She excitedly helped him remove his clothes. "Shame you're dirty, let me bath you." Mary led Shame down to the water and she began soaping him again. This time she didn't avoid any part of his body. After doing his chest and back, Mary soaped his cock and balls. She ran her soapy hand along his shaft until his cock was rock hard and looked about to burst. "I can't wait to get in that tight pussy again," he moaned. "I'm sorry Shame," she replied. "You'll have to wait until tomorrow, my pussy's still sore from yesterday." She finished bathing him and the two moved back onto the grass. Shame held her in his strong arms kissing her for awhile. "Would you put your face down there again, Shame?" she asked. "What do you mean?" "Would you put your head down on my pussy again?" "And do what?" What had he called it yesterday? "Would you eat my pussy?" she asked, and when he nodded, she added, "please be gentle." Shame kissed down her body and soon had her humping his face as he ate her to the second orgasm
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