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Black Diks Nikita Denise Mandingo Allison held her mouth tightly shut to keep from crying out as she had a small, unsatisfying orgasm that only made her horniness worse. Hopefully, a big nordic stud would take care of her cravings later tonight. She pulled her two fingers out of her pussy and looked at them amazed at the amount of fluid coating them. She had never been this wet before or this horny. It was driving her crazy and the guy she had hooked up with last night had been a limp dicked wimp. She had laid beside him desperately tugging on his penis to make it hard while her friend Vicki got the fucking of a lifetime by an overmuscled black guy with a big horse cock. It wasn't fair at all. Allison didn't hate blacks, she just believed the races should stay apart and now her good friend had succumbed to sleeping with a black guy. Worse, Booker the lifeguard reeked of sexual prowess and even she felt an animal attraction to him. Even stranger, somehow he had completely changed Vicki. The shy girl had come out of her shell, fucking, sucking, and even buying a new skimpy bikini to please her black lover. Could he be that good in bed? Allison lowered her spread legs and put them on the floor. She was still breathing heavy from cumming when she stood up off the toilet and turned the shower on. In the shower, she prayed Sven would fuck her like Booker fucked Vicki. The big blonde youth had sat high in his lifeguard chair looking like a god as he scanned the swimmers. She asked Vicki to get Booker to set them up. Booker had agreed. Allison got out of the shower and admired her body while she fixed her long red hair. She had a nice tan going which made her freckles fainter. She had large breasts capped by rose colored nipples, a thin waist, wide hips, and a hairy red bush. The only jewlery she wore was an ankle bracelet and a birthstone stud in her pierced bellybutton. She dressed in a sheer green bra and matching panties. The underwear was really sexy and thin enough her erect nipples would push out the material through her shirt. It would look like an accident, but she knew it would attract the stares of any male who glanced at her. She wore a tight tee shirt so short it stopped about an inch above her bellybutton and shorts that started an inch below her belly button. The shorts were tight and complimented her ass. The outfit said, sexy, not slutty and she hoped it would make Sven's dick hard when he saw her. Allison left the bathroom and her jaw dropped when she saw Vicki. Her formerly conservative friend was wearing a short sundress that showed her ample cleavage and the fact that she was clearly not wearing a bra. Vicki's hard nipples, indeed, the entire white globes of her big breasts showed clearly through the black material. Allison liked her friend better when she was shy. "Booker will be here soon, then we're gonna go get your date." "So where we going?" "Booker knows a bar we can get in." "Cool." Just as she spoke, there was a pounding on the door and Vicki rushed to open it, throwing herself into Booker's arms and kissing him deeply. Allison crinkled her nose in distaste, but was a little envious. "Damn baby, you look fine," said Booker stepping back to check out Vicki. "You look pretty hot too Allison." Her outfit worked, Booker's eyes zoomed in on her nipples. She felt a shiver of excitement run down her spine as his eyes surveyed her body. "Lets get going." "So Booker, what's Sven like?" Allison asked as they walked down several blocks. Booker shrugged. "I barely know the guy. Here we are." He knocked on an apartment door and another black man came out, slapping hands together with Booker like black men do. "By the way, Sven has a girlfriend Nikita Denise Mandingo women around my age. One night when my boyfriend was out with his friends I was surfing the net. I was checking out an interracial porn site called "" that I have a membership to. I like to look at all the super hot pictures of hot, young chicks like me getting used and abused by big, muscular black men who have REALLY big dicks while I play with myself. As I was browsing around, looking for something I liked, I noticed a link for another website that was called "". It showed a picture of a big black dick poking through a hole in Black Penises Interracial Creampies Videos get warm until mid-July," said Booker, "but it's warmer then the ocean." "Brrrr," Allison's teeth were chattering. Her already hard nipples were growing even bigger from the cold, aching a little. "Let's move to the jacuzzi," said Devon. "Great idea." Vicki swam to the ladder and climbed up, both black men staring at her exposed ass. She turned around to show off her breasts and then ran over to the jacuzzi. "Would you two turn around?" They did, and Allison ran over to the jacuzzi herself. She quickly sat down and watched the black men, getting the shock of her life. Booker and Devon used their powerful muscles to raise themselves out of the water. They were skinny dipping. Their huge cocks swung ponderously as they slowly walked over to the jacuzzi. Despite the freezing pool, despite the cold night air, thier cocks were still swollen and plump, longer soft and dangling then any erect white penis she had ever seen. Allison had a blank, shocked expression on her face as Devon sat down beside her. The four talked for some time, Allison was surprised she actually liked Devon's company. Vicki moaned and Allison saw that her eyes were closed. Booker had one hand underwater, so did Vicki and as Allison stared, Booker's cock-head broke the surface and rose up out of the water like a big black sea serpent. Booker raised himself out of the water and sat on the edge, his hard cock sticking out abve his huge balls splayed over the jacuzzi rim. Vicki leaned over and wrapped her lips around his dick. Allison stared in amazement until she felt Devon's hand wrap around her wrist, bringing it underwater over to his cock. Before coming to her senses and pulling her hand back, she stroked his entire shaft, even the knobby head. "I can't," she said. Devon nodded. "We should leave them alone then." Allison nodded back. She felt a strong desire to watch her friend slurp on Booker's huge cock, but the smell of the chlorine was strong and making her sick to her stomach. Vicki looked up long enough to say, "you don't know what your missing." Devon stood up and she saw that his cock was as long as Booker's, at least a foot and even a little thicker. It bobbed before him as he walked over and stole a towel from a balcony handing it to her like a gentleman. Allison dried off, then dressed. Devon lifted her over the fence again and they walked off down the boardwalk. "Lets walk back down the beach," said Devon. He pulled her off the boardwalk before she responded. They were walking down the beach and stopped near a lifeguard chair. Devon put his hands on Allison's shoulder and turned her so that she was facing him. He leaned forward to kiss her and she froze. "What's wrong?" "N-othing, I'm just very tired and drunk, that's all." "Is it cause I'm black?" "No of course not." "Have you ever been with a black man?" "No." "Neither had your friend. Now she's hooked on black cock. I doubt if another white boy will ever get his penis near her pussy." "She's just going a little wild because she's on vacation, that's all." Allison wasn't so sure she was right, but said it anyway. "You're on vacation too. Why don't you go a little wild. Try something new." He was pushing down on her shoulders as he spoke. Her legs were already shakey from the booze and she fell to her knees, her face staring right at his crotch. "What are you doing?" Allison asked. Devon was opening his shorts. "No one will ever have to know Allison." He was unzipping his pants now. "Just check out my cock and tell me that you don't want it." Devon's cock looked like it hadn't shrunk at all since he'd gotten dressed. The head was sticking out well above the waist Blacks On Blondes Samples

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Black Dick Creampie Multiracial Relationships with a hot blonde named Cloe. I began playing with my pussy as I focused on her sucking the most beautiful black cock I've ever seen. I put myself in her place, thoughts and emotions swirling through my head as my fingers swirled around my clit. Instead of it being her that goes into the bathroom stall to go pee it was me. I go in and pull down my pants and panties and as I'm going to the bathroom I look around the graffitied walls and notice a big hole cut in the stall wall. I think to myself "why is there a hole cut in the wall?" And before It dawns on me Blacks On Blondes Violet Black Cock Blondes it touched her she felt her resistance to interracial sex wavering. Allison needed some air and squeezed out of the dance floor. She looked back, Vicki was mashed between Booker and Devon. Their arms were in the air holding their drinks to keep from spilling them as people bumped into them. Allison turned around and found herself standing before the handsome guy who had checked her out earlier. "Hi," he said." "Hi." "I'm Jerry." "Allison." He was medium build, kind of wirey, with a handsome face. He looked to be in his mid-twenties and probably assumed she was twentyone. "You with the black guy?" "Not really." "Good. Can I buy you a drink?" "Sure." Jerry turned around and got the bartenders attention. He turned back with a beer and a big glass filled with what looked like lemonaid. "What's this?" She sipped it, it was good, but strong. "A margarritta. You've never had one?" He had one eyebrow raised. "Sure," she lied. "It's just I usually drink beer." Allison chatted with Jerry, swaying a little on her feet, the margaitta not helping her. She decided she liked the good-looking guy. He would be the one she took home tonight. A big hand rested on Allison's shoulder and turned her around. "Hey, where'd you get the drink?" asked Devon. "Jerry bought it for me." Allison pointed a finger at Jerry. "Yeah dude, she said she wasn't with you or nuthin." The white guy didn't appear too scared of Devon, probably felt safe with his friends. "Thanks mon," said Devon the Jerry, then to Allison, "You ready to hit the dance floor again?" "No, I think I need to go to the bathroom." Vicki showed up at that moment and the two girls went together. "Yeah, I need to go whiz too," said Jerry standing up. "Meet you here when your finished," he called to Allison. In the girl's room, Vicki went first and talked to Allison through the stall walls. "I love being out and all, but I can't wait to get back to our room and feel Booker's big cock in me again." "VICKI! What's gotten into you?" "Black cock, that's what. Sorry, Booker likes me to talk dirty, so I've been practising. What do you think of Devon?" "He's nice and all." "You gonna fuck him?" Vicki came out and Allison took her place in the stall while Vicki checked her make up. "Of course not." "Why not?" "He's black." "Listen Allie, I've seen his bulge, he's huge. That things a real pussy pleaser. He'll give you the best fucking of your life with it. Trust me I know. I don't know what I'm gonna do when we get home, fuck some black guy on the basketball team I guess. "What if (Hic) your parents find out?" "They won't. Say, if that's whats holding you back, Mandy and Allison don't have to know you fucked a black guy. It'll be our little secret." "I'm not gonna fuck a black guy Vicki. (Hic) I'm gonna take that pretty boy I was talking to home. (Hic) I just hope Devon understands." "A black cock in your throat will cure them hiccups." "No (hic) thanks." Allison was a little disgusted with her friend's behaviour. ****************** Jerry was pissing in the urinal when a voice behind him said, "Hey mon, stay away from my girl." "She says she's not your girl buddy." Jerry zipped up his pants and flushed the urinal. "That means she's fair game. May the best man win." "I don't have time to fuck around with you mon. She's leavin soon and I need to fuck her tonight. I'm tellin ya, stay away from her." "Or what? Fuck with me and I'll have the bouncers throw you out. I don't care how big you are." No doubt the big black guy could kick his ass, but he wasn't about to be intimidated. He was relieved when the black guy turned his back, but he didn't leave, he flipped the lock on Ashley Blue Mandingo Stream without gagging. I pulled my head back and could feel every inch slide back up. (I climaxed right then) I just kept working it in my hand as I kept working it in my mouth, franticly stroking and sucking as I could taste his precum, mmmm. It tasted really good, it was sweet, which most guys precum is really bitter. I could only imagine how good his big load would taste if his precum was this good. Well, I was about to find out, In could hear him on the other side saying he was going to cum so I kept my mouth on it like a good little girl as I stroked it to Interracial Porn Movie was unbearable, her sphincter closed around the thick head and Devon stopped holding it still so that she could grow used to it. It hurt again when Devon started pushing more in. He took his time and she was thankful he was making this as painless as possible. He managed to squeeze a little more then half in and after awhile she started to like it. Allsion heard Vicki talking dirty in the next room. "Fuck my white pussy. I love that big black cock." She decided to ape her friend, after all Vicki had been doing this a day longer then she had. "Shove that black cock into my tight white ass," she shouted loud enough for Vicki and Booker to hear. For the next half hour, the two girls seemed to compete seeing who had the filthiest mouth. Finally, Allison shouted "Fill my ass with your hot cum," loud enough she drowned out Vicki's cries of pleasure. "Gotta piss baby," said Devon pulling his cock out of her ass. She winced as he turned the light on in the bathroom and she covered her eyes. Allison laid there on her stomach feeling her ass slowly close and Devon's sperm welling up to the surface until it began to flow down her crack. He turned the light off and the room was plunged back into darkness. Allison felt Devon's cock poking at her face and she moved her mouth up to take the head inside her mouth. He was hard as a rock. This big black man was like no other she had ever encountered. Booker too, because the squeals of pleasure were starting back up in Vicki's room. Allison was thankful he had apparently washed his cock when he went to piss. She couldn't taste the sun tan lotion nor her ass. He pulled his cock out and flipped her over. Soon he had thrown her legs over his arms and was fucking the hell out of her again. "Jesus, your big cock is making me cum again. Oh god, oh god, here it cu..." "Actually, this is the first time it's made you cum," said Booker grunting. The men had switched places, but Allison was too far gone to care. Her pussy squeezed his cock tight as she writhed in orgasm. It was a night of many firsts for Allison. Booker filled her womb with a huge load of sperm as big as Devon's and they laid side by side resting while she played with his limp cock. "Climb on board," he said as it turned hard again. Allison mounted him. She wanted to go slow and took her time raising and lowering herself over his cock. She felt someone climb on the bed behind her and a cock poked at her ass. "Where's Vicki?" asked Booker. "She passed out mon," said Devon pushing his big knobby cock back into her ass. She fucked them both, the joy of having both holes plugged at the same time brought forth her biggest orgasms yet. They took turns slamming their cocks into her then filled her at the same time. Allison passed out from the pleasure before they even came. She woke up later alone on the bed, fresh deposits of sperm pouring out both holes. The sounds of heavy fucking were coming from Vicki's room now. She closed her eyes and slept the few hours until dawn. In the morning, Booker and Devon both kissed her and then Vicki goodbye. "You girls want to do this again tommorrow night?" asked Booker. "Yes," they both said together. "We'll start early and hit the bar. Then we know this party that starts tonight and is gonna happen every Saturday all summer. It's a long walk down the beach, but it should be worth it. "As long as we get plenty of time to fuck you two," said Vicki and Allison nodded agreement. "That can be arranged," said Booker. "Oh by the way, you should invite Ginger and Mandy too. We'll see that they have a good time also. See you on the beach. The two girls nodded as the black men left them. The End Susanreno women around my age. One night when my boyfriend was out with his friends I was surfing the net. I was checking out an interracial porn site called "" that I have a membership to. I like to look at all the super hot pictures of hot, young chicks like me getting used and abused by big, muscular black men who have REALLY big dicks while I play with myself. As I was browsing around, looking for something I liked, I noticed a link for another website that was called "". It showed a picture of a big black dick poking through a hole in Nikita Denise Mandingo band of his briefs. He flipped his underwear down and his cock fell down like a tree, pointing right at her face. "I know your horny Allison. Just try it this once, then you can go back to your friends and tell them nothing happened. I wont tell anyone." "Yeah, sure you won't" Without the chlorine, she could smell his cock now. It was a musky, manly smell that had her mouth and pussy watering. She licked her lips looking at it. "I promise," he replied. Allison reached up and lovingly caressed his shaft. She did want to try out a cock this big even if it was black. She leaned forward, kissing the tip of his cock, surprised that she wanted to do this for him. She wasn't into cock sucking. She'd only done it with about three boys, ones she really liked. She didn't enjoy it, except that they often returned the favor and the fact that it made boys putty in her hands. She ran her tongue around the head and then down the shaft, lovingly coating every square inch of Devon's cock. She finished coating it and returned to the head, opening wide and taking it in her mouth. She stared down the rest of his shaft while sucking on his cock-head. Her eyes crossed as his shaft seemed to extend forever until it reached his crotch. Allison began bobbing her head. Her knees dug into the sand as she tried to cram as much cock into her mouth as she could without choking. Waves were breaking nearby, the water almost reaching her feet. The cool sea breeze was blowing up her shorts, making her soaked panties clammy. She was bobbing her head so fast her neck was hurting. She wanted to taste his cum. She wanted to make him happy. She wanted to feel him deep in her pussy. The last thought, scared her. If he came in her mouth, she wouldn't be able to feel his cock inside her. She jerked back, his glistening cock flying up out of her mouth and slapping into his belly. "Whoa, put them lips back on that cock." "But I want to feel you in my pussy." "That ain't a white dick you're servicing, that's a black cock. It'll be ready for your pussy. Now finish sucking me off." Allison obeyed, not believeing him, but desirous of making him happy. She managed nine inches in her mouth and throat before she felt she couldn't take anymore. Next time, she'd swallow it all. Next time? Exactly at what point had she decided this wasn't a one time thing? Probably the moment she kissed his dick. Allison almost didn't get to taste his sperm. Devon came with a grunt, he grabbed the back of her head and held her still as his cock pumped sperm directly into her belly. He held it there a long time before removing it. Luckily, she squeezed his shaft tightly as he pulled out, milking one last wad of cum which she rolled around on her tongue before swallowing. She liked it. Devon pulled her to her feet and she let him strip her there on the beach, the shadowy forms of late night revelers walking down the distant boardwalk. Devon grabbed her hips and with no effort at all, he lifted her high and sat her down on the foot rest of the lifeguard chair. It was situated at just the right height, for his face to be staring right between her legs. He pulled her legs wide and stepped between them. "Oh my," she said when Devon's tongue licked between her labia. She automatically opened her legs as wide as they would go as the black man nibbled on her pussy lips, then sucked her clit between his lips. He moved back down her slit and she stared at her engorged clit. She had never seen it so swollen and distended. It throbbed with arousal. Devon jabbed his tongue inside her and licked up, it curled around her clit and she came. It was the most powerful orgasm of her young life.
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